22 Adorable Puppies Doing Things For The First Time

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To puppies, the whole world is a new adventure to explore. Here are 22 adorable little pups doing things for the first time ever.

1. First car trip. Pure ecstasy.

2. Doggie doors are hard.

3. First time hiking and he's already over it.

4. A puppy's first shaming.

5. First time caught sleeping on the job. (Please don't wake her.)

6. First game of tug. Not quite getting it yet.

7. No, you go first.

8. When you over-extend yourself for the first time and it's a real learning experience.

9. Sometimes you just need someone to show you how it's done.

10. Sink or swim, dude.

11. You know what they say — you have to crawl before you can walk.

12. TBH, this is more gymnastics than we can do.

13. First time squirrel hunting. Not quite there yet.

14. I'm not ready for this responsibility.

15. "You're doing it!" "Really? Because it feels like you're doing most of the work."

16. First day on the job as a sheep herder. CRUSHING IT.

17. First snow day. Also first love.

18. First bath. Strategy is to drink his way out.

19. It took him less than one walk to learn he HATES WALKS.

20. The first time you try to take the kids out with you for errands and realize nothing is worth it.

21. First love, grossing everyone else out with your love.

22. That moment when you realize that weird dude is your reflection.


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