22 Cats Who Are You At A Party

Parties are hard, man.

1. You gotta psych yourself out.

"You can do this. You are a totally normal person who can have normal conversations with other people."

2. Pick out a good dress with pockets so your hands have something to do.

"Is it too late to cancel?"

3. Pre-game.

4. Bring a gift.

5. Mingle like a normal person.

6. Locate the alcohol.

7. Have some totally not-weird conversations.

8. Find this guy.

Cat with catnip
credit: sonderr

9. Act pretty cool.

10. Listen to people's boring stories.

Bored cat
credit: BamBrook

11. And their opinions on current affairs.

"Ya, I'll totally check that out."

12. Tell people all about your favorite movies/tv shows/books.

You can tell they're totally interested.

13. Definitely talk about your obsession with true crime documentaries and podcasts.

Cat in bath looking horrified
credit: abonura

14. Eat pizza.

Cat eating pizza
credit: RobTheColone

15. Drink all the free wine you can.

Cat asleep with a wine bottle
credit: Wybo

16. Have a few more normal people interactions.

Close up of a cat biting
credit: snowcrash36

17. Sneak out without saying goodbye to anyone.

Cat running away
credit: Anelej

18. Go home and make a snack.

Cat eating toast
credit: Sourcey

19. Stay awake all night replaying every single conversation.

20. Weeks go by before you're invited to another party.

21. But this time, you decide to stay home and read.

Cat reading book
credit: Mariamlotte

Good decision.