There's More To This Sorrowful-Looking Bulldog Than Meets The Eye(brows)

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Step aside puppy-with-the-selfie-ear and shuffle offstage kitten-with-a-cat-shaped-nose-blob because the internet has crowned a new queen in the much coveted, greatly contested animal-sporting-a-quirky-coat category.


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Behold Madame Eyebrow, a 6-month-old English bulldog already attracting a viral following for her frowny, resting bitch face (sorry, couldn't resist), which is framed by two perfectly positioned brown splotches above her old soul eyes.

According to's dog blog, the perpetually crestfallen woofer lives in Germany with her humans and an older "sister" from another mother, a yellow lab named Luna.

Lest you despair over Madame Eyebrow's "crabby countenance," which one writer at The Dodo has aptly compared to that of a "sad clown wandering off dejectedly after ruining a little kid's birthday party" (try getting that vision out of your head, we'll wait), her owner, Janina, wants everyone to know that she's a happy, loving pup living her very best life.


The proof, as they say, is in the pictures, a sampling of which have been embedded below.

"This is my happy face"

"Oh hai"

Bottle 4 scale.


There are cuddle puddles and then there are ~cuddle puddles~.

For more, wag on over to Instagram, where you can browse her other on fleek snaps.