Armless Squirrel Outfitted With Prosthetic Wheels & OMG, Science Is ~Awesome~

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Cue the Chamillionaire jokes: A squirrel who lost his front paws in a trap is running free again thanks to a set of prosthetic wheels.


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Nutty stuff, right?

According to reports, the critter — since named Karamel because d'awww — was found badly injured after he got pinned under the downbar of a wild animal trap.


But rather than euthanize tiny Karamel, orthopedists at Istanbul's Aydin University designed and fabricated a spring-loaded prosthesis that wraps around his squirrel-sized torso.

And while the road back to mobility wasn't without a speed bump or two ....

.... it didn't take long for Karamel to master his fancy new whip.

Not all that surprisingly, the furry amputee has emerged as something of a legend on Twitter, where animal lovers have been loudly proclaiming their fandom.


"Not to be dramatic but I would die for Karamel," quipped this woman.

"Look at little buddy go😍," shared another.

"I’m glad they could help Karamel. I love squirrels!" squeeeeeeed a third.

Roll on, Karamel, roll on. (Hover over 2 play.)