21 Reasons Why Orange Tabby Cats Are The Best Tabby Cats

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Orange you glad you clicked on this list?


1. They're basically just miniature house tigers.

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2. Or, in some cases, not so miniature.

3. There's never a dull moment when they're around.

4. Like I said, never a dull moment. * shrugs shoulders in resignation *

5. Honestly, you'll never know where you might find them.

6. And if you need a traveling companion, orange tabbies can be ready to G-O at a moment's notice.

7. While they are naturally mischievous (because cats, LOL), orange tabbies still love a good cuddle sesh with their people.

8. They have the CUTEST mini-mes ...

9. ... and the most expressive eyes.

10. Just don't forget to feed them first thing in the morning, lest you get blasted with a death stare.

11. Because their coats are naturally bright, orange tabbies are super photogenic, so you'll get more "Likes" on all your Insta posts.

12. See? Just look at this handsome stud. The only place he's going is to the front page of Imgur.

13. Like most kittens, orange tabbies are also furry little ninjas capable of the most adorable sneak attacks that you'll never see coming.

14. On the flipside, they're great with kids ...

15. ... and other animals (😉), which means they're perfect for pretty much every type of squad.

16. Once more, but this time for reals. D'awww!

17. Among other talents and superpowers, they always know where the sun is shinning its rays the strongest.

18. And because they definitely know how to rock the formal wear, they're great companions on the party circuit.

19. Don't feel like going out tho? Orange tabbies are content to stay at home and binge your favorite shows.

20. Need help around the house? They probably won't lift a paw but they are happy to supervise.

21. In conclusion: Orange tabby cats > All other tabby cats (don't @ me because your argument is invalid).