23 Startled Cats Losing Their Dang Minds

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If your eyes aren't bugging out when you hear a strange noise what are you even doing with your 9 lives



1. "I'm pregnant. The baby kicked."

2. Don't have a cow, man.

3. When you forget that you have children

4. When your human tells you there's no more wet food until they go to the store again

5. What in the actual F

6. The flagship title in an emergent genre of startled cat reaction GIFs. #iconic #instantclassic

7. "What do you mean he's right behi-----"

8. "This is the last time you get the drop on me, cucumber."

9. When the startler becomes the startlee.

10. Never. Again. #curiosityisoverrated

11. "En garde, I'll let you try my Wu-Tang style!”

12. That's just a tad dramatic, don't ya think?

13. "Oh .... hey .... You're home early, I didn't hear you come in."

14. "This could only end ...

... one way."

15. Would synchronized startles be an oxymoron? (Asking for a frie----, er, me)

16. The bigger the cat, the bigger the startle. #whatmannerofsorceryisthis

Some cats are self-starters, but this one is a self-startler

17. On the perils of being spring-loaded.

18. Your guess is as good as ours 🤷

19. Shopping bag 1, startled cat 0.

20. The group startle

21. The 180-degree X-Games startle

22. The one of these things is not like the other startle.

23. CONFIRMED: Brooms are scary, officially cancelled. #broomnyooms #thathop


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