Just 21 Adorable Dogs Wearing Christmas Sweaters

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The holidays are a gauntlet of adorable things: babies seeing Christmas trees for the first time, cars sprouting antlers and red noses, elves appearing on shelves—the list goes on.

But none of these things hold a candle to a dog in Christmas sweater. Scrooge himself would admit, "Now ​that​ is adorable!! "


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

So if you're feeling the stress of the holiday hustle and bustle, give yourself the gift of looking at these festive pooches for a minute because they are guaranteed to add a little cheer to your day.

"Reminder: Some cats don't like human clothes so please don't force the issue if yours is one of them."

1. This dog in a gingerbread man sweater plus a Santa hat

Image Credit: Image by cuppyuppycake/Moment/GettyImages

2. This dog in a tiny snowman sweater

Image Credit: gollykim/iStock/GettyImages

3. This dog in a festive court jester sweater

4. This tiny guy in a tiny tree sweater

5. These pugs in pug sweaters

6. This handsome guy in his handsome sweater

7. This good boy being an extremely good sport

8. This dog who is literally Santa

9. This guy who is cranky despite having a gorgeous sweater

10. This dog who is just so excited to be in her sweater

11. This pug who is either grateful or angry about his sweater

12. This dog who is anxious for Christmas to arrive

13. These dogs who are being good because Santa is watching

14. This dog looking picture-perfect in her Christmas sweater

15. This dog looking classically good in a sweater and bow tie

Image Credit: Image by cuppyuppycake/Moment/GettyImages

16. This dog who is the most festive in all the land

Image Credit: DebraMcGuire/iStock/GettyImages

17. This Christmas dog who is stoked to be playing in the snow

Image Credit: Li Kim Goh/Moment Mobile/GettyImages

18. And this one too!

Image Credit: Yulia Reznikov/Moment/GettyImages

19. This dog and cat who are celebrating sweater season together

Image Credit: Enzo Nguyen@Tercer Ojo Photography/iStock/GettyImages

20. This dog who is skeptical of the whole Santa story

21. This dog who wholeheartedly believes in Santa and can't wait for him to arrive!


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