144 Space Names For Dogs

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Want a name for your dog that's out of this world? Of course you do!

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Names for dogs from space history

Male dogs

  • Albert (the first monkey in space)
  • Armstrong (Neil Armstrong, first person to set foot on the Moon)
  • Azophi (a Persian astronomer)
  • Baker (another space monkey)
  • Bayer (Johann Bayer, a German astronomer)
  • Buzz (Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, American astronaut)
  • Edwin (Edwin Hubble, an American astronomer)
  • Enos (first chimpanzee in orbit)
  • Ferdinand (Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese navigator)
  • Galileo (Galileo Galilei, an Italian astronomer)
  • Gordo (another space monkey)
  • Ham (first chimpanzee in space)
  • Hubble (Edwin Hubble, an American astronomer)
  • Kepler (spacecraft named after German astronomer Johannes Kepler)
  • Newton (Isaac Newton, an English astronomer)
  • Rubin (Vera Rubin, an American astronomer)
  • Sagan (Carl Sagan, American astronomer)
  • Shepard (Alan Shepard, first American in space)
  • Snell (Dutch astronomer)
  • Tito (Dennis Tito, first space tourist)
  • Tycho (Tycho Brahe, a Danish astronomer)
  • Yuri (Yuri Gagarin, first human in space)
  • Wilson (Mount Wilson Observatory)

Female dogs

  • Anita/Arabella (the first spiders to go into space)
  • Félicette (first cat in space)
  • Galilei (Galileo Galilei, Italian astronomer)
  • Halley (Edmond Halley, an English astronomer)
  • Laika (the first dog in orbit)
  • Madge (short for Magellan, a Portuguese navigator)
  • Mae (Mae Jemison, first African American woman in space)
  • Marfusa (first rabbit in space)
  • Sally (Sally Ride, first American woman in space)
  • Valentina (Valentina Tereshkova, first woman in space)
  • Vera (for Vera Rubin, an American astronomer)

Any dog

  • Harlow (for Harlow Shapely, an American astronomer)
  • Halley (Edmond Halley, an English astronomer)
  • Sputnik (first artificial Earth satellite)
  • Magellan (Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese navigator)
  • Mir (space station)

Fun and unique space names

Female Dogs

  • Alya ("sky, heaven" in Arabic)
  • Andromeda
  • Aster ("star" in Greek)
  • Celeste ("of the sky" in Latin)
  • Channary ("moon-faced girl" in Khmer)
  • Danica ("morning star, Venus" from Slavic origin)
  • Dara ("star" in Khmer)
  • Estrella ("star" in Spanish)
  • Halo
  • Lani ("sky" in Hawaiian)
  • Luna ("moon" in Latin)
  • Marsha (short for "martian")
  • Selene ("moon" in Greek)
  • Serenity (from the TV show Firefly)
  • Star

Male dogs

  • Akash ("open space, sky" in Sanskrit)
  • Blazar
  • Boomer (from the TV show Battlestar Galactica)
  • Comet
  • Cosmo
  • Crater
  • Jet
  • Lister (from the TV show Red Dwarf)
  • Martian
  • Meteor
  • Wash (from the TV show Firefly)
  • Neutron
  • Orbit
  • Quasar

Any dog

  • Asteroid
  • Astro
  • Axiom (spaceship from the movie WALL-E)
  • Bebop (spaceship from the TV show Cowboy Bebop)
  • Cluster
  • Crescent
  • Dipper
  • Dwarf (Red, White, Brown or Black)
  • Eclipse
  • Equinox
  • Falcon (for the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars series)
  • Firefly (from the TV show Firefly)
  • Flare
  • Galaxy
  • Gamma
  • Giant (Red, White, Blue, Yellow)
  • Gravity
  • Hoshi/Hoshiko ("star"/"star child" in Japanese)
  • Nasa
  • Nebula
  • Nova (or Supernova when they're a really good dog)
  • Magnetosphere
  • Rocket
  • Rover
  • Scout
  • Seren ("star" in Welsh)
  • Shuttle
  • Solstice
  • Sora ("sky" in Japanese)
  • Starbuck (from the TV show Battlestar Galactica)
  • Zenith

Names from stars, planets and constellations

Female dogs

  • Aurora
  • Belinda
  • Bianca
  • Calypso
  • Carina
  • Carme
  • Cassiopeia
  • Ceres
  • Cressida
  • Helene
  • Himalia
  • Lida
  • Perdita
  • Phoebe
  • Rhea
  • Terra
  • Tucana
  • Ursa

Male dogs

  • Alberio
  • Atlas
  • Archer
  • Aries
  • Canis
  • Centauri
  • Cepheus
  • Cetus
  • Corvus
  • Cygnus
  • Hyperion
  • Jupiter
  • Leo
  • Mars
  • Mercury
  • Neptune
  • Oberon
  • Orion
  • Pan
  • Phobos
  • Pluto
  • Pollux
  • Prometheus
  • Prospero
  • Rigel
  • Sirius
  • Titan
  • Triton
  • Virgo

Any dog

  • Bootes
  • Canis
  • Gemini
  • Libra
  • Lupus
  • Pegasus
  • Phoenix
  • Pisces
  • Puck
  • Umbra
  • Zodiac

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