21 Pets With Totally Fire Album Covers

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When music meets mew-sic: Pets can't play instruments (save, of course, for the one & only Keyboard Cat), but that isn't stopping people on Twitter from sharing how their album covers might look if they did.

1. "Two of my cats have formed a retro 80s electro-pop duo. Their first album cover is epic."

2. "My dogs have formed their own Pet Shop Boys tribute"

3. "Self-titled album, Queen Bea"

4. "My dog Julius Chenwald would like to open for your 🐈 s"

5. "My cat’s debut album, 'Winter is Coming', may knock yours’ off the top of the charts!"

6. "Walter's musical career has taken a romantic turn with his next album"

7. "Copy cat album cover from lesser known heavy metal artist, Kali. Titled “Rage Against Dogs” & features her one hit wonder, 'Where’s The Catnip' 🎸"

8. "Mine formed a Beatles tribute band. They’re crap though."

9. "Their names, from left to right, are Magwai, Tess, Bitty Smalls, and Stuntman Mike."

10. "Originally had 3 members but this one got fired and started a failed solo carrier cuz he was kicked out for 'musical differences'"

11. "Their next mixtape, How Soon Is Meow, will drop sometime in 2019"

12. "They take their cues from 90s alt rock touchstones like The Verve"

13. "First solo release"

14. "The official cover for Penny’s Christmas album."

15. "Their debut album."

16. "Give me a greyscale filter and title like 'Memories of a Night,' and I'll preorder the deluxe edition."

17. "Ours are a subversive indie band exploring social taboos."

18. "Mine are an S Club 7 tribute band, currently reaching for the stars."

19. "Mew Kids on the Block"

20. "I'm calling this one Sparks"

21. "Fleetwoof Mac"


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