"Airplane Ears" Is Our New Favorite Cat Meme

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Another week, another new Facebook page to obsess over.

And this one, a so-called tag group titled "this IS an airport, please announce your departure", is anchored around an adorable cat tic — ears pressed flat against the head — the internet has collectively dubbed airplane ears.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

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While the images the group's members are posting are plenty cute on their own, what has really elevated the group into the social web stratosphere are its ridiculous and creative captions which are filtered through a shared and ever-mutating glossary of pilot jargon and aircraft acronyms.

But enough of the cockpit chatter: Scroll below for the funniest examples of this decidedly First Class meme.

1. "This is Ear Traffic Control. Initiate attack. Bite protocol approved."

2. "Pilots and ground crew be advised student earcraft NY000M from the flight school will be practicing touch-and-gos on runway 3 throughout the afternoon so please give this guy some room, he spooks easily especially on approaches (we're working on it!)."

3. "This is Earproach Control. We have visual of the earcraft. You are clear for earproach to the runway. Follow the red dot to hangar 3 for refuelling of noms and warm blankies."

4. [tcchhhh] "Tower 1, this is Yuna the Tortie requesting flyby! I repeat, Yuna the Tortie is requesting flyby! ✈️✈️✈️"

5. "This is your Captain. We have reached our cruising altitude. Please stay seated with your seatbelt fastened as we may encounter unexpected hissiness."

6. "This pilot looks too young to fly solo. The pilot must have an older pilot present to engage in zoomies. Glider work is permitted."

7. "Center, request flight level below 10,000 feet, we may be prone to icing."

8. "All flights canceled due to unscheduled tower maintenance."

9. "That awkward moment when the pilot demands to inspect your luggage 🤔🤔🤔"

10. "Sensors seem to be in fine working order, transfer to flight deck and continue sortie."

11. Tower: "Flight 3.1415 please move off the active runway." F3.1415: "Sorry, unable can't taxi, there are cones in the way." Tower: "...You said CONES? Ahh okay then, we'll get someone out there to take care of it."

12. "Checkout my wingspan, I hope there's enough clearance"


14. "Tower this is M4RM, mike four romeo mike can you get me radar tracking? I'm feeling a little ~turned~ around here."

15. "In case of turbulence the mlem will deploy automatically"

16. "AirMarmalade Flight 33⅓, visibility is uhhh...very poor."

17. "EMERGENCY crews to the tarmac immediately! We have a flipped earcraft."


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