Can Dogs Drink Sparkling Water?

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Sparkling water is refreshing on a hot summer day or at a picnic with a friend — a human friend, not necessarily your dog. Can dogs drink sparkling water? Or is sparkling water bad for dogs? That's the first thing to consider before you open a bottle over the dog dish.

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While sparkling water, also called carbonated water, isn't toxic for dogs, it isn't the best hydrating choice either. A few licks if there are no other clean water options available won't hurt, but clean, non-sparkling, still tap, filtered, or bottled water is preferable for your canine companion.


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Can dogs drink sparkling water?

Yes, dogs can drink unflavored sparkling water in small amounts. There's not much information available about dogs and sparkling water, but luckily, unflavored and unsweetened sparkling water does not contain any immediate toxic ingredients — it is basically just water with bubbles. So if your dog drinks sparkling water, a sip or two by accident, don't panic.

However, giving your dog regular, filtered water is preferable instead of carbonated water — a bowl of clean still water should be available to your dog on a regular basis. Carbonated water should merely be a fun, extra special something, served in moderation. But, if you want to give a little bit of sparkling water to your dog, a few licks probably won't hurt him.


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Is sparkling water bad for dogs?

Possibly. It's possible sparkling water can be bad for dogs. Although it's not specifically a substance toxic for dogs, sparkling water is carbonated. There is a concern that the carbonation from the bubbly water could lead to a risk of bloat in dogs if consumed in large amounts. Do not serve your dog a large amount of sparkling water in his water bowl. This will minimize the risk of bloat and other potential gastrointestinal complications like upset stomach, gas, or diarrhea.


What type of water should a dog drink?

Clearly, you wouldn't want to give your dog bubbly water on a regular basis, and few would consider it. Your dog should be drinking fresh, clean or filtered water every day, especially when the air is dry or temperatures rise. While tap water is safe to drink in most parts of the U.S. and Canada, in other countries it can have contaminants, parasites, or toxins, which can lead to health problems in dogs. Filtered water, on the other hand, is a healthy and cost-effective way to get your dog the fresh water he needs.



How much water should your dog drink?

In order for your canine companion to function at his best, your dog needs one ounce of fresh water per pound of body weight, every day. Just like humans, dogs require lots of water to stay healthy and happy. Keep in mind that on a hot day or after a particularly strenuous walk, the amount of water that your dog should drink will increase.


Therefore, it is important to make sure your dog is drinking enough throughout the day so that he stays hydrated. Be sure that your dog gets all of the fresh clean water he needs before treating him or feeding him kibble.

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A healthy hydrated dog

Dogs can drink sparkling water, but only in very small amounts. Even if you personally guzzle sparkling water religiously, you shouldn't expect the same out of your dog. Your dog will be very happy and healthy if you keep filling up his water bowl with fresh, non-sparkling water.


It is extremely important that you keep your dog hydrated with un-carbonated (still), fresh water in his water bowl on a regular basis. Do not replace a dog's regular drinking water with carbonated water. There is a risk of bloat when a dog drinks sparkling water, and because of this, you will only want to serve it to your dog in small amounts as a special treat.



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