15 Adorable Pictures of Cats Inside Dollhouses

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We gave you cats in boxes, now it's time for cats inside dollhouses. Premium content!

1. These kittens would like to get down to the first floor, please.

2. This would only seem like a cozy spot to a cat.

3. The dollhouse needs to be inspected before putting the furniture in.

4. "Sorry, humans, this is our house now!"

5. "It's kind of cramped here, but I'm not leaving."

6. "It's cozier than it looks. Trust me."

7. "This is the perfect lounge area."

8. "These couches clash with my coloring. Please redecorate."

9. Balcony views are always essential.

10. "Sorry, I was just leaving."

11. Who would've thought dollhouse beds would be so comfortable?

12. "I never liked this chandelier anyway!"

13. "Oh hi. Welcome to my home."

14. Okay, this cat isn't technically inside the dollhouse, but give it time.

15. "Is there food in this miniature fridge, by any chance?"


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