17 Pets Who Absolutely Will Not Let You Get Any Work Done

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Because you can't spell distraction without c, a & t (and a bunch of other letters).

1. "When I work from home, it's a constant battle to get anything done."

2. "I would def die for our office cat, but if he keeps falling asleep on my laptop I'm gonna have to have a chat with my boss about my severe decline in productivity."

3. "Your challenge is to write the Great American Novel with only 14 of the 26 letters. Sorry, this space bar is also off limits." - Rick

4. "When you risk back pain by sitting on the tiny stool because your good chair got poached by the cat. #sacrifice"

5. "Productivity is down in my home office, but morale is at an all time high."


6. "When the subject decides to plop down on the canvas before you finish the portrait."

7. "Deadlines do not concern me, Admiral! I want that ship, not excuses!" - Darth Vader, if Darth Vader was a cat lying on your keyboard and your editor is breathing down your neck wondering where that copy is.

8. "CON: My hand is fixed to the mouse. PRO: It's not cold."


10. "Productivity hit the skids when I was forced to watch the new trailer for 'Cats' 27 times in a row."

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11. "COSHARE WORKPLACE COMPROMISE: One tab for her, one for tab for me."

12. "My cat doubles as a bookmark."

13. [Chucks keyboard into nearest trash can]

14. "I spell it l-a-p-t-o-p. He spells it c-a-t-b-e-d."

"Even in my sleep, I will still mean mug you."

15. "When my professor said to 'sleep on it' I don't think this is what he had in mind."

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16. "Meeting minutes did not get typed."

17. "Are you reading about tuna?"