6 Stores You Never Knew Were Dog-Friendly

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You can't possibly imagine going anywhere without your dog, but unfortunately not every place is dog-friendly (even when your dog is on leash). So where can you bring your dog when you shop? You may be surprised to find out the answer. Here is a list of a few unexpected dog friendly stores that will welcome your pupper with open arms and wagging tails.


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If you are looking to craft with your canine, Michaels is the place to go. This craft shop is dog-friendly, and allows dogs in stores. And now that we think about it, scrapbooking or knitting with your doggie pal really does sounds like a pawsome Sunday activity!



According to the Guardian, this beauty brand has dog-friendly store fronts: your pooch can join in on the glow up! Glossier also has their own dog instagram account, and even teamed up with BARK to make their own branded dog toys.



According to the the beauty company's website, LUSH does not test on animals or "use materials that contain animal derivatives that are unsuitable for vegetarians." Apparently, they are also welcoming to your furry friends in-store too!



Got a fashionista on your paws? According to the company's Twitter account, Nordstrom is indeed a dog-friendly store, as long as your pal is on a leash (and on his best behavior, of course)!


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Who doesn't want to pick out paint chips with their pup? According to Lowe's Facebook page, Lowe's will allow you to bring your dog into their stores, but requires your dog on leash and on his best behavior. Keep in mind that there is always the possibility that some policies may differ between stores.


Bass Pro Shops

According to the BPS website, dogs are always welcome at Bass Pro Shops. In fact, the company even hosts "Dog Days," throughout stores where you can bring your dog to get health and wellness checks by local vets, micro chipping, and participate in giveaways!



A company's dog-friendly store policies may differ depending on where you live. If you are unsure of a store's policy, call ahead or check with the shop before bringing your dog in with you.

BONUS: Restaurants that provide perks for your pup

A lot of these places may not technically be pet-friendly, but there are many restaurants and shops that offer free treats and secret menu items to dogs and dog owners alike. All you have to do is ask!



If you are on the way to your morning latte and worried your dog is missing out, never fear. Starbucks offers a puppucino (a cup full of whipped cream) that is dog-friendly for your pooch.

Dairy Queen

Try asking for a pup cup the next time you go through the local Dairy Queen drive thru. You may get a free small serving of soft serve for your pup!

In 'N' Out

Order your dog the pup patty off of the secret menu, which is a plain hamburger patty without seasoning or salt, for a dog friendly drive-thru treat!

Shake Shack

Shake Shack has its own doggie menu where you can order a pooch-ini for your pup: a small scoop vanilla of vanilla custard topped with dog biscuits!

Tim Horton's

Craving some doughnuts? Apparently, Tim Horton's offer a sugar free option of their signature Tidbits (doughnut holes) for doggos that are a bit easier on a pupper's tummy.

Chic Fil-A

Some Chic Fil-A restaurants are rumored to have free dog treats behind their counter. It never hurts to ask!


Some dogs tolerate certain treats better than others, so be sure to moderate how well your dog does before giving him any of these tasty treats. If you have any concerns or notice any unusual behavior in your canine, do not hesitate to contact your vet.

Privately owned businesses that serve the public are required to welcome service animals.

That being said, it is important to understand that a service animal is not a pet. A company's dog-friendly store policy, on the other hand, is usually left up to the store manager.

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Service animals vs. emotional support animal

Although there are some similarities between the two, it is important to recognize the differences between a service animal and an emotional support animal (ESA).

Service animal

According to the ADA website, the definition of a service animal is any guide dog, signal dog, or animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. Service dogs perform some of the functions and tasks that a disabled individual cannot perform for him or herself. If an animal meets this definition, then they are considered a service animal under the ADA, regardless of whether they have been licensed or certified by state or local government.

Emotional support animal (ESA)

Emotional support animals help those who suffer from anxiety or another mental health issue cope emotionally. To qualify as an ESA, your pet doesn't need specific training to perform a function or task, just a letter from a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist, explaining that you need the animal around. They are not allowed in most public places, but the law does allow for them to live with you and fly with you.

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There are many opportunities to bring your dog along for the fun. Remember that dog-friendly store policies can differ, so be sure to check beforehand when bringing your dog on leash to any store that may appear to be dog-friendly. Additionally, service dogs are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and are almost always welcome in places that serve the public. Service animals are not pets and it is important to understand that distinction.