Can You Guess Who Or What These Pets Are Named After Using Only Pictures As Clues?

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The social web is at its best when the content is inclusive, interactive, and, well, social.

That's the takeaway from a trending challenge on Twitter where pet owners were posting images of their fur babies — along with a second of who (or what) they were named after, but without any sort of captions for context.

The posts ran the gamut from simple to stumping and mixed in were a wild assortment of celebs, foods, places, characters from pop culture, and the like.

Some of our favorites have been collected below. Can you ace the Name Game and correctly identify them all? (Not to worry, there's an answer key pegged to the bottom.)




I know a dog with this name, you know a dog with this name, literally everyone knows a dog with this name.



Sufferin' succotash, I see the resemblance!




We're gonna need a bigger quiz.


Hint: It's a food brand you find at the mall — but crossed with a pun.


On the court, this hooper is nicknamed "The Claw".





If you don't have kids or watch cartoons, this one might elude you but the character was voiced by a famous comedian known for his appearances in "Clue", "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", and "Home Alone 2".


No, his name isn't Bat Flip 🤣




Stumped? Here are the answers:

Header image: Nikola Tesla.

1. Biscuit. 2. Bear. 3. Mango. 4. Sylvester, fictional cat from Looney Tunes. 5. Chips. 6. Chief Brody from the film Jaws. 7. Cinnabun. 8. NBA player Kawhi Leonard. 9. Zero, the ghost dog from the film The Nightmare Before Christmas. 10. Freddie Mercury, singer and lead vocalist of rock band Queen. 11. Nigel Thornberry (voiced by Tim Curry). 12. José Meowtista, named after José Bautista. 13. Wheatley, fictional artificial intelligence from "Portal" video game franchise. 14. Albert Camus, French philosopher, author, and journalist. 15. Artemis, Greek goddess of hunting.