Clingy Canines: The Very Best of the Velcro Dog Challenge

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Why does your shadow have four legs and a tail?

1. "Finally, Oliver’s time to shine. 😅#velcrodogchallenge"

2. "This is Arlo. He MUST be touching me at all times or he will die a horrifically loveless death. If I am not paying him enough attention to him, he will literally destroy the house one thing at a time. He is obsessed with me. If I am in my room, he will lay out in the living room and behave. If I am out in the living room and he knows it, but not petting him, he will specifically go and find things he that he thinks I value to chew on just so he can get me to chase him. He will climb up onto the dining room table and lay down on it. He will climb up on the counter to look for food he can steal. He will stand up and use his front paws to get to anything that he can't reach with his mouth. In his mind negative attention is better than no attention. Even though he is a bad bad boi I would 100% still die for him #velcrodogchallenge"

3. "Privacy.....What is that?! #velcodogchallenge"

4. "Bracco Italiano pups are extreme Velcro dogs 🥰 #velcrodogchallenge"

5. "[I'm] due any day ... and Gordon the Golden won’t leave my side. #velcrodogchallenge"

6. "I’m at my boyfriend’s parents house for a Christmas/New Years vacation. Their bathroom door does not lock. Both of my pitbulls have figured this out & are determined to embarrass me. Pray for me lol #velcrodogs #velcrodogchallenge"

7. "Somehow, this has become his spot when we're in the car. 🤷‍♂️ #velcrodogchallenge"

8. "I don't go to the bathroom anymore, WE go the bathroom. 😂 Everyone, meet Rocky, my pirate dog. #VelcroDogChallenge"

9. "This is Oliver. He's a deaf Anatolian shepard/husky mix and most definitely my velcro dog. I "stole" his chair to feed my son. He wouldn't have it. #velcrodogchallenge ."

10. "HAS to be right up on me, even if it’s just a little bit 🤏🏻 🐾 #velcrodogchallenge"

11. "My apartment is literally only 500 sq feet and she still follows me around in it #velcrodogchallenge"

12. "'Any place will do as long as I’m with you.' - Alice #velcrodogchallenge"

13. "This is what working from home looks like when Rusty is your coworker 😅 #velcrodogchallenge"

14. "I love you Olive....but sometimes I need some me time. #velcrodogchallenge #clingy"

15. "Now it's our cone of shame #velcrocatchallenge"

Judges: "We'll allow it."


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

16. "Grady making sure my bf is not lonely when working on projects. #velcrodogchallenge"

17. "That smile 🥺😍 #velcrodogchallenge"

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