16 Pets Who Are Winning at Life

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These cats and dogs are living their best lives and we could all learn a thing or two from them.

1. Sleeping + sunning + perching = boss status unlocked.

2. HUMAN SERVANT, ONWARD TO THE TUNA PANTRY, POST-HASTE: "Every morning I put Butters the cat up on my shoulder and give him a tour of the house until he decides where he’d like to be deposited."

3. Why stairs when you can elevator?

4. Let's call this camper van with a built-in extendable catio what it is: BRILLIANT!

5. Reminder: Jack Russell Terriers are clever 3000.

6. Stylish travel kitty is hitting the road and seeing the sights!

7. We should all aspire to this level of fabulousness.

8. "Bowls: Who needs them?" -- this thirsty catto, probably #oneforyouandoneforme

9. Banish bad vibes with this husky on chilling on a floatie

10. Zoom out a bit and you'll realize the Coliseum is the same shape as a cat bed. 🤔🤯

11. When you can entertain yourself like this, you'll never be bored.

12. Because who amongst us hasn't enjoyed breakfast in bed while streaming their favorite shows?

13. The power to block out distractions is the key to unlocking a better you.

14. "Cat found new place to sleep, I am that new place"

15. Life lived as a scarf supervisor has its advantages.

16. Correction: It was your backpack. It's theirs meow. :-p


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