18 Dogs Proudly Carrying Big Sticks Because They Can

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Big stick energy is real! And these dogs know all about it. When they find the right big stick, they do NOT let it go!

1. Big Stick Energy.

2. Outta my way!

3. Finders, keepers.

4. Speak softly and carry a big stick.

5. My new favorite toy.

6. I'm taking this home. You can't stop me.

7. My precious.

8. It's like a floatie!

9. Sometimes, we share.

10. I love this so much, I've gone cross-eyed.

11. Sticks and stones!

12. No store-bought chew toy can compete.

13. On his way to the stick convention.

14. What do you mean 'this is too big for me'?!

15. I rescued it from the water!

16. OM NOM.

17. A little help?

18. Pure bliss.


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