19 of The Cutest Animal Pics Ever Taken By Veterinarians

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Veterinarians spend most of their days with cute critters, so it only follows that they would get some incredibly adorable animal photos.

1. "I work at a vet clinic and haven’t had a pet in quite some time. Someone brought this fella in to be neutered and stated she’d be returning him back outside. I said 'nope!' And now he’s mine!"

2. "My dog after the vet helped remove a thorn from his paw"

3. "On the benefits of being a vet and working with pets every day"

4. "Some days it’s good to be a veterinarian."

5. "I'm a horse vet. This adorable little guy fell asleep on my feet while I talked to his people."

6. "Working at a vet clinic has its perks- like this pocket full of cuteness"

7. "My friend posted a photo of a cat he took care of while on his vet internship"

8. "Hammie going for checkup"

9. "Most people keep office supplies in their desk. I keep a sleeping Pomeranian."

10. "I work part-time at a vet hospital. My coworker brought in her baby goat, Matilda. 2.3lbs"

11. "We really take post-op care seriously at my clinic. Cuddles really are the best medicine..."

12. "My step dad is a vet and one of his patients looked a little different today.."

13. "Bone went to the vet and passed all his yearly check ups!"

14. "Golden Boye has a crush on his Vet. Can’t wait for her to come back."

15. "Dylan, 11mo, at the vet. Our tech carried him around the office to show him to all the staff for pictures and pets. He was feeling proud."

16. "Our Australian Shepherd puppy slept through his first vet visit, even shots and when being held up for a physical exam."

17. "Halloween can get a little weird around here"

18. "My dog kissing her vet while he's taking her blood pressure <3"

19. "My mom, a veterinarian, just sent me a picture of one of her new patients."


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