Love Fluffy Cats? These are 7 of the Fluffiest Cat Breeds Around

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While you love cats of all kinds, you're especially partial to fluffy cat breeds. There's just something about these long-haired beauties with bushy tails that you can't get enough of. Now, you're thinking about getting one of the fluffy cat breeds, but you aren't sure how many there are.


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Here is a list of fluffy cat breeds so you can make the "purr"fect choice for your new pet.


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1. Persian

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Persian cats come in different colors – not just white. Some are orange and some are grey, while others have mixed colors. Still, the stereotypical Persian cat is white. They are known for having a shorter nose and face and being calm, which makes them good for families.


2. Norwegian Forest Cat

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The Norwegian Forest Cat has a double coat and will shed in the spring and fall. They will be fully grown at five years of age and are natural athletes that enjoy exploring their cat trees and counters. They can weigh in at 16 pounds, making them one of the larger fluffy cat breeds. They are typically strong and silent but love a good cuddle and bond with more than one person.


3. Maine Coon

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Maine coon cats are typically friendly, and they grow larger than other cats, weighing it at 12 to 15 pounds. They usually like the outdoors and get along well with other pets and children. Maine coon cats are also recognized for their intelligence and gentle manner, and they easily adapt to any situation. While they don't like to go on humans' laps, they do like to be near their owners and follow them around the house.



4. Ragdoll

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Ragdoll cats are one of the fluffy cat breeds that are known for being sweet, friendly relaxed. They are called ragdoll cats because when you pick them up, they typically limp like a ragdoll (because they are relaxed, not because they're fearful). These felines get along well with kids and make for excellent family pets.


5. Siberian

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The Siberian cat is the native forest cat of Russia. These cats are medium to medium large in size and have a triple coat. It could take five years for one of these cats to be fully grown. They are affectionate and playful, people-oriented, and excellent jumpers – they can leap from one tall bookcase to another. They enjoy playing with toys and are friendly towards children and other pets.


6. Himalayan

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Another fluffy cat breed is the Himalayan, which is a cross between a Persian and Siamese cat. They are calm but playful and not needy. They have shorter faces and sneeze more often than other cats, so it's critical that you keep their nose clear of any obstructions.



7. Birman

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The Birman cat has a long and silky coat and comes in different colors including blue, frost, cinnamon, chocolate, fawn, and lilac. They prefer to cling onto one owner and will become territorial, but not aggressive, if their owner doesn't pay attention to them. The Birman cat has a tendency to become overweight, so exercise is very important for this type of fluffy cat breed. It has a moderate to high tendency to shed.

Caring for a fluffy cat breed

Fluffy cat breeds shed a lot, especially during the spring and fall when they change their fur. Be prepared to vacuum up a lot of cat hair during these times. It's a good idea to brush their hair every day for 15 minutes when they are relaxed to keep it from matting. You should also introduce the brush early on so your cat gets used to it, and feed your kitty the proper food so they have a healthy coat and skin.

Cats usually don't like baths, so only bathe your fluffy cat breed with a cat shampoo when absolutely necessary. You can always ask your groomer for tips on bathing and brushing and determine the best brush to care for your cat.



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