The Best Amazon Black Friday Deals on Dog Products

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Black Friday is officially here, and that means Amazon is offering hundreds of Black Friday deals on pet products, with some items going for more than 50% off their usual prices. Whether you're stocking up on everyday essentials or planning to shower your pup with gifts during the holidays, today is your chance to save big—but remember, many new deals end at midnight on Nov. 26. From comfy dog beds to pet hair removers and chew toys, we've rounded up the best Black Friday deals on dog products, as well as ongoing deals from Amazon's pre-Black Friday sales—available now at Amazon.


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Some deals are subject to change without notice, but we will do our best to keep the list updated.


New Black Friday Deals

1. Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker

$29.99 (save $20.00) at Amazon

Humans have their smart watches and fitness wristbands, but now, you can get the same activity monitoring for your dog with this GPS dog tracker. It comfortably secures to most dog collars and provides live tracking, location history, all-day activity monitoring including active time, rest time, and calories burned, and even informs you when your dog has left virtual safe spaces that you designate and alerts you when they've returned. The tracker is small, lightweight, and 100% waterproof. You can manage all features via the Tractive app for iOS and Android, but you will need a subscription plan: Tractive offers monthly, one-year, two-year, and five-year plans starting at $5.99 a month. You can rest assured knowing your dog's whereabouts and can use the activity monitoring data to provide your dog with a healthy lifestyle.


2. OQQ Calming Donut Dog Beds

$36.79 - $68.79 (save up to $37.20) at Amazon


These calming, donut-shaped dog beds are so comfy, you'll probably wish for a human-sized one for yourself. Made from a high-quality faux fur, the beds are designed to provide warmth and feelings of safety so your dog can get a great night's sleep. There are no zippers anywhere on the bed—simply throw the entire bed into the washing machine and tumble dry, or wash it by hand. The beds are available in four sizes: Large (24 inches by 18 inches), X-Large (32 inches by 24 inches), XX-Large (36 inches by 28 inches), and XXX-Large (44 inches by 34 inches), which can accommodate dogs up to 25, 35, 55, and 100 pounds, respectively. These beds are best suited to dogs (or cats) who love to curl up.


3. Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed for Medium- to Large-Sized Dogs

$34.84 (save $9.15) at Amazon


If your dog prefers to stretch out instead of curl up, this sofa-style, orthopedic dog bed offers plenty of room to keep them comfortable and is suitable for pets of all ages. Made from polyester and polyurethane foam, the bed features a 3-inch high-density egg crate foam that evenly distributes your dog's weight, providing for maximum support and comfort. Its three-sided, 3 1/2-inch bolstered side pillow adds extra support to your dog's neck and head for a more restful sleep, while the bed's non-slip, studded plastic bottom keeps the bed securely in one spot. Available in two sizes, the medium-sized bed is 28 inches long and 23 inches wide, while the large bed measures 35 inches long and 25 inches long (both beds measure 7 inches tall). Each bed comes with a removable zip cover for easy cleaning.


4. Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera, Compatible With Alexa

$118.00 (save $51.00) at Amazon


This high-tech and interactive device doubles as a stand-up 1080p full HD camera and treat dispenser that captures both live picture and audio as it shoots out treats into your dog's mouth. Not only is it a fun way to toss dry dog treats, but it also serves as a home security camera with its 160-degree wide-angle view, both day and night, and also features two-way audio and a barking sensor that lets you know what's going on at home via the Furbo app. As seen on the Ellen Degeneres show, this is a "got to have it!" product, and now is the best time to get it while it's 30% off.

5. Nutro Natural Choice Adult Dog Dry Dog Food (5 lbs. to 40 lbs.)

$10.98 - $44.87 (save up to $24.11) at Amazon

This sumptuous dry dog food for adult dogs features chicken as the number-one ingredient, followed by healthy ingredients like whole grain brown rice and whole grain barley. It's made in the U.S. with entirely non-GMO ingredients and contains no chicken by-products, corn, wheat, or soy. Instead, it's been formulated to support healthy immunity with essential antioxidants and healthy digestion with natural fiber, and also includes omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which promote healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat. It's available in 5-pound, 13-pound, 30-pound, and 40-pound bags.

6. Nutro Ultra Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

$24.98 - $39.59 (save up to $22.40) at Amazon

If you have an adult large-breed dog, Nutro Ultra is a great dry food option for large breeds. Featuring a trio of proteins from chicken, lamb, and salmon, it also includes healthy ingredients whole grain brown rice and whole grain oatmeal, as well as a blend of 15 vibrant superfoods, including coconut, chia, kale, and blueberries, among others. It contains no chicken by-products, corn, soy, wheat and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Nutro has formulated this recipe to promote radiant skin and coats, healthy teeth and bones, strong muscles and a lean body, and good digestion. It comes in 15-pound or 30-pound bags.

7. Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites for Dogs (90- or 250-Count)

$16.18 - $45.48 (save $19.49) at Amazon

Dogs need healthy guts and digestion, too. These probiotic chewables for dogs contain six probiotics that support gut function and proper gut flora to protect against diarrhea, gas, and bloating. They also feature DE111, a clinically-studied Bacillus subtilis that supports proper digestive function and a healthy immune system. Intended for daily use (between one and three a day, depending on your dog's weight), the chewables are available in pumpkin, chicken, and bison flavors and come in 90-count or 250-count packs.

8. PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps for High Beds & Couches

$35.95 - $59.95 (save up to $27.04) at Amazon

These pet steps are perfect for helping your small or aging dog climb up onto couches and beds that may be a bit too tall for them. The steps fold down easily for easy storage and will fit underneath most beds. The standard steps measure 20 inches wide, 19 1/2 inches tall, and can support up to 150 pounds, while the extra large steps measure 25 inches wide, 25 inches tall, and can support up to 200 pounds. Featuring non-slip feet, fabric tread covers, and side rails, you won't have to worry about the steps moving around or your pup falling off.

9. lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs

$16.97 - $17.09 (save up to $5.02) at Amazon

The ultra-convenient water bottle for dogs comes in a variety of different colors including blue, pink, and yellow, and doubles as both a water bottle and water bowl. All you do is press the water bottle with one hand and the water flows into the bowl. It has a sealed silicone gasket inside the cover to ensure that it doesn't leak, and it is BPA-free. The bottle can hold up to 21 fluid ounces of water for your pup. If you enjoy walking or hiking with your dog, or take them with you to run errands, this water bottle will ensure your dog stays properly hydrated without making a mess.

10. DELOMO Pet Grooming Glove

$11.04 (save $6.95) at Amazon

If your dog isn't a fan of getting their fur brushed or combed—but loves getting massaged—this glove brush is a win-win. While showing your dog some love, you can also gently brush away mats, light tangles and loose undercoat using the glove's soft, flexible groomer design. It works for both dogs and cats with short, medium, curly or long coats and helps stimulate skin oils while improving coat softness and shine. The glove has an adjustable wrist strap for security and better yet, it's machine-washable.

Ongoing Early Black Friday Deals

1. Active Pets Plush Calming Dog Donut Bed

$29.96 - $71.96 (save up to $18.00) at Amazon

This plush dog bed promotes better sleep for your dog (but also works for cats). Featuring a soft, shaggy faux fur lining, the bed creates a relaxing environment that reduces anxiety, helping your dog feel calmer both day and night. The bed's donut shape is perfect for dogs who love to curl up, while its thick edges provide better head and neck support. It also features an anti-slip, waterproof bottom that prevents dirt from accumulating. Available in three sizes, the small bed measures 23 inches in diameter, the medium-sized bed measures 30 inches, and the large bed measures 36 inches.

2. PUPPBUDD Pet Dog Bed (Various Sizes)

$29.99 - $67.99 (save up to $4.00) at Amazon

If your dog loves spreading themselves out more than curling up, this luxurious, rectangular dog bed will hit the spot. Made from a durable cotton and suede blend and featuring a thick coating of soft, warm fleece, the bed provides maximum comfort for a good night's sleep. Its base is waterproof and non-slip, and the entire bed is machine-washable on a gentle cycle. The manufacturer recommends using a dryer rather than allowing the bed to air dry. Available in various sizes to accommodate dogs small and large, the smallest size supports dogs up to 25 pounds, while the largest size sleeps dogs up to 95 pounds.

3. Kurgo Loft Jacket Reversible Dog Winter Coat

$29.95 (save $10.04) at Amazon

This stylish and reversible dog vest (which we included in The Best Dog Winter Coats in 2021) is lightweight and flexible, ideal for the active outdoor dog. Made from rugged ripstop nylon that won't make your dog itchy, and stuffed with Polytech fill, it's water-resistant and durable. Since the jacket only covers your dog's torso, it's best suited for dogs living in chilly climates without heavy snowfall, but it's certainly enough coverage to keep your dog warm in cool temperatures without overheating. It's easy to slip on and off and features reflective piping for low-light visibility. The vest is available in sizes X-Small through X-Large.

4. Pat Your Pet Deshedding Brush

$19.99 (save $8.00) at Amazon

Most dogs shed year-round, so this deshedding brush will come in handy even during the holidays. Featuring a dual-head design, you can use the 9-tooth side on your dog (or cat) for smooth de-matting, or the 17-tooth for quick coat thinning and de-shedding. The teeth on the brush are rounded to avoid any pain or irritation on your pet's skin, while the thick, non-slip handle gives you a firm grasp when tackling the knottiest of knots. Though the brush is ideal for dogs and cats with long, thick fur, it still works on various coat types—just be careful not to over-brush.

5. Primens Natural Dog Paw Balm

$12.99 (save $2.00) at Amazon

Dog paws need protection during both hot and chilly months, and this natural dog paw balm will prevent your dog's paw pads from cracking and becoming irritated by cold, dry winter weather. You can also apply the balm to soothe a dry and chapped nose, or prevent it from chapping. Formulated from natural moisturizing and regenerating ingredients and containing no artificial preservatives, the balm is safe for licking and creates an invisible layer on your dog's nose or paw pad to shield them from irritants. This balm also works on cats.

6. PettingPal Dog Grooming Clippers

$47.98 (save $22.09) at Amazon

If you prefer to groom your dog yourself or are adventurous enough to try it for the first time, this dog grooming kit includes everything you'll need. The clippers come with two blades: a wide blade for thick coats, and a narrow blade for hair around your dog's paws, bottom, face, and ears. Each detachable titanium blade glides effortlessly through thick coats for an efficient, painless grooming experience. The cordless design runs on a powerful, rechargeable lithium ion battery—and yet, it operates quietly so it won't make your dog anxious. In addition to the clippers, you get four guide guards, a pair of scissors, a comb, a small detail brush, a small oil bottle, and a plug-in battery charger.

7. STARROAD-TIM Artificial Grass Turf Dog Potty Training Pad

$35.99 (save $3.00) at Amazon

If you've got a new puppy or small dog who otherwise needs potty training, this artificial grass potty training pad will help keep your dog get used to the idea and feel of going to the bathroom outside. Made from high-quality, 100% weather-resistant synthetic yarn, the pad measures just over 39 inches long and 31 1/2 inches wide, giving your dog a comfortable amount of room to do their business. It features a non-slip rubber bottom so it stays in place. However, it doesn't come with a tray, so if you're potty training your dog indoors, you may want to get one to avoid messes.