These Pics of Cats Interrupting Board Games Are Adorably Chaotic

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Cats just like to be in the middle of the action — and they aren't afraid to crash the scene, whether they were invited or not.

That's the takeaway from a hilarious thread on Twitter, where James Huntrods, a writer with Netflix, posted a series of photos of his parent's cat barging in on family game night.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

"My parent's cat interrupting board games over Christmas, a thread," he wrote on the social media platform.

Board games, card games, wild hybrid games that incorporate both — no matter the format, kitty (whose name remains unknown, sadly) kept returning to the table around which the family was gathering nightly.

There were flops ...

... and statuesque poses.

Artistic photo framing ...

... and pet collecting. All the pets.

"He just likes to be involved," concluded Huntrods with one final pic of the cat, standing triumphantly atop — where else — one of the game's boxes.

Because the thread was both LOL and relatable, cat owners quickly responded with a sprawling jumble of shots of their own cats flashing that big interloper energy.


"As she's black and white, she thinks she can play either colour."

"I am familiar with this"

"He went from shoulder to shoulder to eventually laying in my Monopoly money."

"Yep… and it was a cat jigsaw!"

"Filling out crosswords is impossible here"

"Mine also seems to love crosswords"

"Not a cat, but Edina likes to help with the crossword…"

"Our cat is fond of this too"

"And war games too!"

"I think not."

"Tired after all the hard work"

"Haven't even gotten set up and he's already trying to take over the world"

"Playing the cards he is dealt"

"Can relate (Settler of Catan)"

"She can't understand why we'd want to play with pieces on a board when we could be playing with her instead."

"First he ruined the tablecloth, now he wants to ruin Carcassonne..."

"Why would we put something on the floor and gather round it if we didn’t want Stanley to spread his majestic floof on it, apparently?"

Nor were games on the computer immune from such meddling:



"Also, unfortunately, I’ve had to work this week, and this is made harder when you’re on a call and a beagle wants to know how the iMac works…"

So routine is this issue, in fact, that one game maker has already designed a clever countermeasure: "If you have a pet cat, you should place it here while playing The Isle Of Cats"

And this board bait works!


"I was going to mention Isle of Cats! Now that you have seen the cat garment that is the game lid, here is Max modeling its fit."

Genius! Remember: If you're interested in it, your cat is also interested in it.

For more photos of cats crashing game night, click on over to Twitter!


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