6 Tips for Walking Your Dog in the Rain

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You need to walk your day every day so they can relieve themselves and get some exercise. However, on rainy days, you aren't sure if it's totally safe to take your dog out. Are they going to catch the sniffles? Is it bad for them to be outside when there's a downpour? By finding out some rainy weather dog walking tips, you can protect your dog whenever you go outside in wet weather. Here are a few best practices to follow.


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1. Put protective gear on your dog

A raincoat and rain boots for your dog's paws can provide protection for your dog so that they don't get too wet in this type of weather. These items are essential if you live in a cold place. Typically, a raincoat will shield your dog's legs, back, and neck. Many dogs don't like to wear rain boots, but if yours is fine with it, then try to put them on before taking a walk. If any areas of your dog still get wet during the walk, then hand dry them with a towel when you get home. You can also put them in the heat and give them a blanket so they can curl up with it in their dog bed and/or crate and be nice and cozy.


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2. Don’t walk for too long

If your dog has long hair and is out in the cold, rainy weather for too long, they could get drenched and feel weighed down and uncomfortable. If you're close to your home, then cut your walk short. And before you go on a lengthy hike, check the forecast and stay close to your car in case you need to jet quickly.


3. Make sure you’re visible

When you walk in the rain, especially at night, it can be hard for cars and other pedestrians to see you. That's why you should wear reflective gear and put some on your dog, too. It's also a good idea to take a flashlight if you're going on walks at night. Make sure you always stay on the sidewalk, and if you have to cross the street, you use a crosswalk and wait for the signal.


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4. Stay away from puddles

If your dog jumps into a puddle, they may not only get muddy, but they could also drench their coat. Also, if they drink from a puddle, they could get sick. One disease your dog could get from drinking from a puddle is Leptospirosis, also known as Lepto. This disease is a bacterial infection that enters your dog's bloodstream and could cause them to become drowsy and make them thirsty. It is so serious that it could end up leading to kidney or liver failure. Your dog should never drink from puddles or any other kind of standing water.


5. Avoid slippery areas

Though you may normally take your dog to the park for some playtime when it's raining out, you'll want to avoid anywhere that's muddy. You or your dog could slip and fall, which could be dangerous — especially if you aren't near your home. Plus, if your dog gets muddy, they could bring all that dirt and mud into your home, creating an unsanitary and dirty environment.



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6. Use your yard (if you have one)

When it's raining, you may want to avoid walking altogether and let your dog go to the bathroom in your yard instead, if you have one. Some dogs may have excess energy to burn off if they don't get their walk. You can help them get this energy out by increasing the amount of playtime they get until the sun comes out again, and exploring other forms of exercise.


In summary

You can walk your dog in the rain, as long as you make sure to take the proper precautions. Then, you can ensure you and your dog get some exercise and bonding time while staying as safe as possible in the wet weather.



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