17 Hilarious Pet Photos Enhanced By Even Hilariouser Captions

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When image and text come together to deliver LOLs, we all win.

1. "Excuse me, could you please tell that gentleman to use a coaster?! That is an 18th century oak table, if you must."

2. "Boomer needs to use the one brain cell all orange cats share to realize he is not a canine."

3. "Out delivering mail and then this…"

4. "Zoom meeting. No caption necessary."

Oh, but it is.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

5. "Can you guess where the squirrel's nest is? 🥺❤️"

6. "Mother how dare you turn the sun on."

"The indignity."

7. "She has multiple beds and chairs and THIS is where she chooses to nap"

8. "Just a dad, teaching his son the rules of the road. 🤣🧡"

9. "Your jokes are not funny, Susan. Now, share your cheese..."

10. "Sorry, this group is for airplanes. That cat is a space shuttle. 🤣"


12. "When your boss proposes a new project vs when you realize you're the one who's going to have to make it work"

13. "He has since forgiven me for the hat ... I think"




14. "Cat outstanding in his field."

15. "Veni. Vidi. Conveni. Consedi. I came. I saw. I fit. I sit."

16. "Hand me my stethoscope. If I'm gonna crack that safe, I need to hear what's happening on the other side of this wall."

17. "Walked in on Salem using his tiny couch... 🥰"