18 Cats Making The Funniest Faces Of All Time

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Brace yourself, DERP OVERLOAD ahead.

1. "The exact moment he learned the wet food was all gone and he would have to make do with dry (until we could go the store)"

2. "Mid yawn/stretch, or a brazen attack? 😁"

3. "We call this 'gogurt mode'🤣 "

4. "She was shaking herself dry when I took the pic."

Such grace, such poise:

5. "When your cat straight up phase shifts into another dimension."

6. "Sneak attack!"

7. "Her reaction when I told her should we need to wear on leash on our afternoon walk."

8. "Never one to be outdone in the blep category ..."

9. "Clearly, he needs an exorcism. 🐱"

10. "Chewbini after a hard night of partying with the 'nip"

11. "Bemused resignation or patiently plotting his revenge? Only time will tell."

12. "When he saw the cops pulling up in front of the neighbor's house for the 2nd time today."

13. "Karen, for the last time, you do not have permission to post pictures of me to your Instagram!!!"

14. "Cat.exe has malfunctioned, please reboot with updated OS."

15. "Are accessories allowed? Asking for me."

16. "The tabby be like 'I'm not a part of this....."

"It'll be over soon, it'll be over soon, it'll be over---"

17. "My kids when I pay the school a small fortune for class picture day."

18. "No, you can't touch it. I FOUND IT, IT'S MINE, ALL MINE."


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