Should I Get a Second Cat?

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Believe it or not, cats are social creatures, and having two or more kitties can benefit you and your pets. Whether you already have a cat or you're new to cat ownership, here are some of the reasons why you should consider getting more than one.

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Extra love and cat snuggles for you

A cat can be a wonderful companion, with their friendly disposition, amusing quirks, and loyalty. Plus, they make your daily life fun, while keeping you company and giving you love. But why stop at just one when you could get a second cat or even a third?


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When you have more than one kitty, you'll receive more attention and affection. If one of your cats wants to spend some time alone, another kitty might be up for cuddling on the couch. Or to make you laugh by hunting down their toys.

Your cats can keep each other company

Another reason to consider adopting more than one cat is that they can keep each other company. Although you might think of them as solitary animals, some kitties do prefer being in a single-cat household. Yet, there are many who enjoy being around other cats.


When left alone for long periods of time, indoor cats may become bored, lonely, anxious, or stressed. And when cats aren't happy, they might develop behavioral problems (such as scratching the furniture, aggression, or eliminating outside the litter box). So, having more than one cat could help ensure they won't get bored. Or that they feel alone when you aren't around to interact with them.


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Your cats can take care of each other

Cats can take care of each other in various ways. A classic example is grooming. It can be hard for a cat to clean areas like the top of their head or under their chin. But when they have a fellow kitty to turn to, they can groom one another to bond — and stay nice and clean.


Having more than one cat can help ensure they'll get the interaction they need. Regardless of how busy you are or how much time you spend away from home. Cats who get along can learn from one another, as well as play, eat, and curl up for a nap together.


Your cats can have fun together

Your cat might enjoy playing with you, especially when you use a variety of toys to keep their attention and help them get some exercise through running, jumping, and pouncing. But it isn't the same as two cats wrestling to hone their fighting skills.


Whether you have littermates who grew up together or an older cat and a new kitten, your pets may be able to keep each other active and mentally stimulated. This can keep them happy and entertained.

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Things to consider for a multi-cat household

Many pet owners choose to adopt more than one cat, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you do.


  • If you already have a cat and you'd like to bring another one into the family, know that they might not get along well at first. There are strategies you can implement to introduce them gradually and reduce conflicts. Just be aware that some cats might never get along perfectly. Others might immediately be a good match and quickly become best friends.
  • If you're going to an animal shelter to find your new companions, consider adopting littermates who are bonded, such as two male cats. That way, they can stay together and you won't have to worry about overcoming age differences. An age difference might make it harder for the cats to get along.
  • In a multi-cat household, you might have two or more kitties who are quite different from one another. Work with each cat's personality to ensure their needs are met and they have the mental stimulation and social interaction necessary to feel relaxed and content.
  • Each cat should have enough space to be comfortable and at ease. In addition to buying more food and litter, you can purchase more toys, and provide an extra litter box. Set up more scratching posts, cat trees, and window perches as well.


In summary

There are many reasons why owning more than one cat can be a great idea. Even though some cats prefer being solitary, many will get along perfectly with other felines. Introduce them gradually to reduce conflicts, and keep any age differences in mind. Be sure your cats have enough space, food, toys, and litter supplies. Your cats can interact and keep each other company — and you can bask in all of the love and cuddles they provide.



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