Do Treat Dispensing Cameras Really Work?

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You have to leave your pup at home all day when you go to work, run errands, or travel. You may have a friend or dog walker check in on them. Though it's also important that you can watch them during the day just to make sure everything is alright. That's why you're considering getting a pet camera to see what they're up to. Specifically, buying a treat-dispensing dog camera sounds like a great idea.


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However, you're wondering: do these cameras really work? Is it worth it to get a camera that can toss treats, or is it a waste of money?

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Find out if this is a good option for your pup and what features these cameras offer before buying a product. Then, you'll know you're making the right decision for your dog.

What do treat-dispensing cameras do?

Treat-dispensing smart pet cameras allow you to check in on your dog and toss treats to them when you're not around. They are home security cameras with wi-fi, and some of them have night vision for when it gets dark. This is helpful if you want your dog to sleep in the dark but also want to check in on them.


Typically, these cameras will let you see your dog live and record the footage if you want to look at it later. The camera will send pet owners notifications to their phones when they detect things like movement and people in your home. You may receive a bark alert as well, which can help with security and ensure that your dog is doing alright.


The devices are usually compatible with iOS, Android, and Alexa, and some let you simply scan a QR code to pair the camera with your phone.

Why use a treat-dispensing camera?

There are many reasons to get a treat-dispensing camera. You can check on your dog, which is especially helpful if you are going out of town and/or your dog has separation anxiety. You can also check in on your dog walker or sitter. This way, you can make sure that they are doing everything properly, like walking your dog a few times per day and feeding them on schedule.


When watching your dog, you may notice whether or not your pup has separation anxiety. For instance, they may whine, bark, pee inside your house, excessively bark, or destroy furniture. Once you figure out your dog is experiencing separation anxiety, you can address it. Perhaps by talking to them and tossing them treats throughout the day through the camera, can help make your dog feel better. You can also alleviate their boredom with the camera.



You can use a treat-dispensing camera for rewarding good behavior by sending your dog a treat. And when they act up, you can tell them "no" through the two-way audio option. Just be careful not to overfeed your dog. Too many treats can cause weight gain.

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Do treat-dispensing cameras work?

Treat-dispensing cameras do work, but you have to make sure you're getting one that is high quality. You'll want to look for features that are important to you, such as two-way audio or motion detection/bark alerts. These features should pair up with your iOS, Android, or Alexa. Some cameras won't have everything you want. Or if they're low quality, the image resolution could be poor and they may malfunction. Check out reviews online before purchasing a camera.


Best pet camera and dog treat dispenser cam

There are two treat-dispensing cameras that dominate the market: the Furbo Dog Camera and PetCube Bites 2. They are pretty similar in terms of the features they offer. They have 1080p HD camera, HD video quality, and the Furbo 360 ° even offers night vision in color. You have the option for check-in and separation anxiety monitoring — and two-way audio with your dog. While the Furbo 360° has a 360-degree rotating view, the PetCube Bites 2 and regular Furbo have a wide-angle lens. You can subscribe to receive motion detection alerts through PetCube Bites. The Furbo provides bark alerts but only if you don't have a subscription.


Aside from Furbo and PetCube Bites, you can also look into Petzi's treat dispensing cameras and other options on Amazon and Chewy.

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In summary

Treat-dispensing cameras work and can help you train your dog. They can address their separation anxiety and check in on them and your home during the day. Just make sure you purchase a high-quality camera that has all the features you need.



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