Here's Where to Buy the Viral TikTok Flopping Fish Toy

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Finding a toy your cat will love can be tough. Like cat owners everywhere, you have likely searched your local pet store or online. You might have thought you have found the perfect new toy that your cat will love. But when you get home and take it out of the box, your cat just turns up their nose and ignores it completely. But this Potaroma flopping fish cat toy from Amazon may be just what your cat is asking for.


Video of the Day

User and cat owner @abby_girl_xo starts off by unboxing the new toy. The flopping fish toy comes out of the box vacuum-wrapped as though it were a real fish. The toy is rechargeable with a USB cable, so she starts off by charging it to full power.


Once it is fully charged, she presents it to her cat. The toy includes a packet of catnip and silvervine that goes inside of the fish toy to entice your cat once they touch the toy. A motion-activated sensor kicks in to activate the flopping fish.

Once activated, the tail flops realistically, so your cat can play and use their natural hunting instincts. TikToker @abby_girl_xo's cat may not have been sure what to make of the flopping fish at first. But her curiosity was piqued and she played with the toy for more than 15 minutes.


Be sure to always supervise your cat when they interact with a new toy — to ensure their safety and enjoyment. This toy from Amazon is the perfect toy to keep your cat active and entertained. The toy is soft and durable, so your cat can safely scratch and chew. And since it is rechargeable and has a washable cover, you won't need to replace it as often as you do other cat toys. This Amazon purchase is sure to be a winner and it makes the ideal gift for your cat and the other cat owners in your life.



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