14 Photos That Will Cat-apult Your Laughter Levels to New Heights

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Warning: Excessive LOLs ahead!

1. "Where’s the next truck stop?"

These are the most interesting cats in the world.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "Merlin protecting his needle point self portrait"

Merlin is better at arts & crafts than most humans


3. "Panini just woke up from a hard nap and doesn't know what year it is"

Who amongst us hasn't woken up with bed ear


4. "When life gives you a plastic bin, become the ultimate hide-and-seek champion! 🙈"

Not sure which will be bigger when he finishes growing: the eyes or the paws!


5. "Josephine coming in hot"

What is even happening here?!



6. "Look at this soulful, intuitive face. Cleveland, what a heckin cat."

The color-coordinated collar and wall paint is chef's kiss


7. "RIP to BB who passed away moments after being sprayed with the water bottle when he jumped on the counter to sample our dinner."

And the Oscar for best dramatic performance goes to...


8. "Miso is my carb gremlin. He ripped open a new bag of bagels last night just to get to that sweet, sweet bagel bliss. Clearly, he has no regrets."

"And I'll do it again" 😂 the eyes say it all


9. "I made my cat a work from home set up"

The Hang In There poster is a nice touch.


10. "The look of someone who sees me packing and is not pleased."

Mad and and judgemental. BRUTAL.

11. "I should probably explain how people doors work to Peaches 🤣"

100% cat logic.

12. "Him demamds uppies right meow"

No, by all means just treat my legs like ladders, it's fine.

13. New stealth mode champion

This is what happens when you let your cat watch Maverick fly the SR-72 Darkstar hypersonic jet in the Top Gun sequel.

14. "Leo learning how to froget all his worries in his new frog-shaped cat bed."

It really complements the green in his eyes.