15 Funny Photos That Are Peak Cat

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Hilarity ahead. We repeat: hilarity ahead.

1. "Others: put aluminum foil on your counters to keep cats off. My cat: 🙄"

2. "Beans wants nothing more than to be included 😂🫶🏻😻"

3. "Maybe she's born with it...maybe it's Meowbelline Buttercup"

4. "I could just really be out of the loop, but I’ve never seen a cat who lays like this, just dogs🤣🤣"

5. "My daughter's cat, Sakura. We couldn't figure out what she was looking at...LOL! So funny I had this photo made into a magnet for our fridge."

6. "When I wanted a cat FOR anxiety but I got a cat WITH anxiety and now we're just both anxious sometimes. 😼"

7. "Listening to the Britney audiobook and hanging with the cat on a cozy autumn Sunday"

Photoshopped? Who's to say?


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

8. "Happy #WhiskersWednesday from Rodney! 🐾He's been on some antibiotics to help him feel better which we think have worked as he's been playing like mad. He also demands attention non stop too. A crazy mad kitten he is!"

9. "Big brother is very annoyed with his little brother 😂😂"

10. "Hands down the best photo I've ever taken of Stoffel"

11 "He's half Maine Coon, half werewolf, 100% floof"

12 " He looks like he's sitting on a couch talking to a therapist 🤣"

13. "Caught her mid lick 😛"

14. "Ricky says giddy up!"

15. "When Lola was a kitten she fit in this drawer, she is protesting the fact that the drawer did not grow with her🤣"

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