13 Animals Who Should Have Seen The New Year Break Up Coming

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A new year brings new opportunities and new relationships. But for new relationships to start, old relationships sometimes have to end, even for adorable animals. Here are 16 pets who really should have seen the New Year breakup coming.


1. These two who are definitely about to ask each other for space.

2. This cat who still thinks his shenanigans are cute, even though no one else seems to agree.

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3. This guy who really hogs the bed.

4. This cat who just realized his Christmas present was thrown together pretty last minute.

5. This dog who got tipsy and ruined the Christmas party.

6. This little bunny who is already desperately sad about something that he can't quite put his finger on.

7. This dog who couldn't even fake it for the Christmas card picture.

8. This dog who can't seem to understand that no means no.

9. This cat who interrupted work one too many times.

10. This cat who let himself go.

11. This hamster who is literally the worst listener.

12. This lion who weirdly doesn't realize she's scaring people away.

13. This rat who just can't (/won't) fight his own dark side.