How to Bandage a Dog's Ear Wound

By Cuteness Team

How to Bandage a Dog's Ear Wound. One of the most common injuries that can happen to your dog is a head wound, which includes damage to the ears. Ear injuries can bleed excessively, so working quickly in bandaging the ear prevents further injury and gives time for the wound to properly heal.

Floppy Ears

Step 1

Secure your dog. If your dog is in pain or has recently been in a fight, she may be anxious or scared. Calm your dog before attempting to treat her to prevent injury to yourself.

Step 2

Locate your dog's ear wound. Wipe excess blood in the area and around the injury with a wet washcloth. For a deep laceration or serious ear wound, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Step 3

Place a gauze pad behind your dog's ear on his head. Fold the ear back onto the gauze pad, and then place a second gauze pad on the inside of your dog's ear. For bleeding that's still taking place from the wound, place a second gauze pad in that area.

Step 4

Bandage the ear and head with gauze wrap, covering the gauze pads that are in place. Secure the gauze wrap and pads with medical tape. If only one ear is injured, be sure to not wrap the second ear, but leave it with free range.

Step 5

Attach an "Elizabethan Collar," better known as an e-collar, around your dog's neck. If your dog scratches or attempts to remove the gauze on the ear wound, the e-collar will stop her from being able to reach the ear because it forms a cone around her ears and head area.

Upright Ears

Step 6

Restrain your dog and keep him calm. He may be afraid, so use a toy or treat to distract him from what's going on with the treatment of his ear.

Step 7

Determine the location of your dog's ear wound and clean the area with a wet washcloth. Place cotton balls inside of the wounded ear and place gauze pads over the injury. A deep cut or serious injury warrants an immediate visit to your veterinary clinic.

Step 8

Fold the ear forward onto the dog's head. Place a gauze pad onto the back of the ear and carefully bandage the ear wound with gauze wrap, covering the injury and gauze pads already in place.

Step 9

Leave plenty of room for the uninjured ear to move freely and secure the gauze wrap with medical tape.

Step 10

Use an e-collar to prevent your dog from re-injuring or reopening the ear wound.