How to Build an Affordable & Easy Dog Run

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Things You'll Need

  • 36 feet of chicken wire

  • 4 wooden stakes, poles, or boards, 6 feet long

  • Heavy duty staple gun or nail gun

  • 4 clips


Don't leave your dog in this kennel during the sunny part of the day, unless there is natural shade.


Dogs that can climb will get out of this run, so you might want to make a roof out of chicken wire that can cover the entire thing.

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A dog run doesn't have to be an expensive or difficult project. It can be cheap and easy. In fact, you can build a dog run for very little money and have it done in a day or two. It is the perfect weekend project. A good, cheap and easy dog run can allow your dog to have a safe place to exercise when you can't walk him.

Step 1

Decide where you would like to have your dog run. It should be on your property and should be in a place that has natural shade, such as under a tree or behind a building. If you have a patch of concrete, the dog run can be on concrete. However, dogs will be more comfortable on a natural setting like grass or dirt.

Step 2

Measure out an area of at least eight feet by ten feet. If you have small dogs, such as toy sized dogs, you can have a smaller run. However, keep in mind that the point of a dog run is to give your dog plenty of exercise, so if you make it bigger, he will be happier with it.


Step 3

Dig four, one-foot deep holes in the corners of your dog run.

Step 4

Set the four pieces of wood in the four holes you have made.

Step 5

Fill the holes around the pieces of wood with dirt and make corner mounts with dirt. You can wet down the dirt as you put it in to pack it more tightly.

Step 6

String the chicken wire around the outer perimeter of the wood poles or stakes. Use a heavy duty staple gun or nail gun to attach the chicken wire to the four posts so it can't be pulled apart or bent.


Step 7

Measure out three feet from one corner post, and cut the chicken wire completely at that point.

Step 8

Use four clips to secure the area that you have cut. This will serve as a door and the clips will serve to keep the door closed when your dog is inside.

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