How to Build a Solar Dog House

By Cuteness Team

Ideas of how to build yourself a solar dog house.


Step 1

You will need to use either an existing piece of concrete or purchase at your local hardware/landscaping supplier a slab of concrete. - Make sure this is level for the safety of your pet

Step 2

This concrete will work as a thermal mass to exchange the heat into the actual house portion of your dog's domicile/home.

Step 3

Once the slab is installed/hardened place your dog house or build the dog house onto the slab. - Plan on trying to leave an overhang to the outside of the pad of approximately 1/2" all the way around the concrete pad.


Step 4

You will depending on the size of your Plexiglas begin to build the frame of your Solar Collection system. - Be sure it is tall enough/big enough space for your dog to lie/walk about in. To keep warm they will lie in this are during sunny days in the Winter months to warm themselves.

Step 5

You may want to make this section removable for the warmer months of the year. Utilize brackets or some type of removable connection system.

Step 6

Be sure to make this air tight to keep out any excessive drafts! Caulk any gaps.

Step 7

Build your own cover to place over the Plexiglas at night to aid in keeping the warmth in!