Hairstyles for a Yorkie Maltese

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Yorkie Maltese come in a range of coat colors.
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Yorkie Maltese are hybrid dogs are also known as Morkies or Yorktese. They were developed by breeding a Maltese with a Yorkshire terrier resulting in a soft coat that can grow so long it will touch the floor. Your Yorkie Maltese will need to be brushed daily to keep his coat tangle free. He should be bathed at least once a month. Your groomer can style your Morkie's hair into several popular cuts.

Schnauzer Cut

A traditional schnauzer cut has a closely trimmed chest, back, neck, throat and ears, with long hair on the legs. The head is trimmed to a block shape with a beard and eyebrows. Your Morkie will not look like a schnauzer as he won't have the signature eyebrows and strong beard that a schnauzer has, but this cut should suit him. The cheeks, top of the head and neck are clipped quite short while the beard area is left long and full. The body is cut to a short skirt that tapers at the hind legs.

Modified Schnauzer Cut

A modified schnauzer cut is easier to maintain than the full cut. The torso and back of the dog are clipped to a uniform length all the way to the tail, while the leg hair is left longer. You can modify this cut to suit your taste and decide how long you want the hair on his stomach, legs and tail to be. The beard area should be left alone to grow long.

Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is used for many small dogs as it is easy to maintain and reduces grooming needs. The hair on the legs and body is trimmed to about an inch in length while the face is trimmed to a round shape. This is also known as a teddy bear cut. You can choose to have a topknot to keep the longer hair from his eyes. A topknot is the standard in the show ring for Yorkshire terriers, while the Maltese sport two in the ring.

Westie Cut

The Westie cut has the face and head trimmed to a round shape like the puppy cut. The back and shoulders are trimmed very short while the legs, stomach and sides have longer hair of about 2 to 3 inches. This is trimmed to a universal length to keep grooming easy. It will require more trips to the groomer than the puppy cut if you want to keep the layers looking neat and tidy.

Korean Cut

The Korean cut is a more modern cut than the others. The back, flanks, belly and neck are trimmed short while the hair is kept long on the legs, ears, topknot area and tail. The legs are shaped to look like long flared boots. The beard area is trimmed short and the muzzle is trimmed to a short rounded shape. The hair can be drawn up into one or two topknots.