How to Make a Cardboard Doghouse

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Pups enjoy having a cozy spot to snooze in your home, and a cardboard doghouse creates a perfect, relaxing hideaway for your canine companion. A cardboard doghouse also makes the perfect accessory for a child who collects stuffed animals.

Making a cardboard dog house can be a fun craft project.
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An average cardboard box with top and bottom flaps has all the materials needed to build a doghouse. Make this a crafting project that children can get involved in with you. Surely, the child who wants to give his real pets or stuffed pets a home will have some ideas for doghouse plans.


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Create a cardboard doghouse

Step 1: Cut off the box flaps

Cut the long side flaps off the top and bottom of a cardboard box with scissors. Follow the folds to keep your cut lines straight.

Step 2: Find the center of the remaining flaps

Measure the smaller flaps to find the center. Mark the center point on the edge with a marker or pencil.

Step 3: Draw lines for the roof on the flaps

Draw a line from the center point at the edge of the flap to the bottom where the flap meets the box sides. Use one of the long flaps for a straight edge.

Step 4: Trim the flaps for the roof

Cut the small flaps along the line. This will leave two triangular flaps of equal size at both ends of the box.


Step 5: Create an entrance for the doghouse

Cut out an entrance on one of the smaller box sides with scissors. Draw a freehand U shape to follow for cutting. Alternatively, you can cut out three-quarters of the U shape to leave a door on the doghouse that you can fold open or shut.

Step 6: Support the flaps for the roof

Support the triangle flaps. Stand up the triangles and tape one of the small triangles to the inner side. Place the support piece over the box side and the flap.


Step 7: Tape the flaps for the roof on the doghouse

Tape the cut-off box flaps together lengthwise. Lay them over the upright triangles with two flaps on either side to form a roof.

A cardboard doghouse isn't permanent, but it is fun.
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Note that you can actually use this cardboard doghouse as a model for a more permanent structure made of wood for your dog. The best wood for doghouse construction is plywood made from a durable wood, like cypress, cedar, or fir. These woods are resistant to mold, mildew, and insects.



Decorate the doghouse and make it cozy

To create a doghouse as attractive as doghouses for sale that you might find in a pet supply store, you'll need to paint the outside of the doghouse. Remember to choose a nontoxic paint that will be safe for use around dogs and children. After painting the walls and roof of the doghouse, paint on any designs that you'd like. With paint, add some windows, tiles on the roof, and some shrubbery by the entrance for an elegant look.


Use any remaining cardboard to create a small rectangle. Tape the rectangle together. Cut a triangle shape out of the bottom and adhere it to the roof of the doghouse with glue to create a chimney. Paint the chimney the same color or one that contrasts with the roof.

Depending on the size of the doghouse, place a soft cushion or dog bed inside. This will give your dog or any stuffed animals a soft spot on which to sit. A nice throw blanket will keep your dog cozy and ensure she is comfy inside the doghouse. Put a few toys inside as well. Your dog will enjoy spending time in the doghouse when her favorite toys are inside.


Place a cushion or blanket inside the doghouse.
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