How to Make a Cardboard Doghouse

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Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard box

  • Scissors

  • Marker or pencil

  • Box tape


Make this a painting project as well. Use spray paint to cover the outer box. Use temper paint to draw lines for wood slats. Make a sign by painting a name on one of the small flaps from the underside and taping it over the door.

A cardboard doghouse makes the perfect accessory for a child who collects stuffed animals. An average cardboard box with top and bottom flaps has all the materials needed to build a doghouse. Make this a crafting project children can get involved in with you. Surely the child who wants to give stuffed pets a home will have some ideas for doghouse plans.

Step 1

Cut the long side flaps off the top and bottom of a cardboard box with scissors. Follow the folds to keep your cut lines straight.

Step 2

Measure the smaller flaps to find the center. Mark the center point on the edge with a marker or pencil.


Step 3

Draw a line from the center point at the edge of the flap to the bottom where the flap meets the box sides. Use one of the long flaps for a straight edge.

Step 4

Cut the small flaps along the line. This will leave two triangular flaps of equal size at both ends of the box.


Step 5

Cut out a door on one of the smaller box sides with scissors. Draw a freehand U-shape to follow for cutting.

Step 6

Support the triangle flaps. Stand the triangles up and tape one of the small triangles to the inner side. Place the support piece over the box side and the flap


Step 7

Tape the cut-off box flaps together lengthwise. Lay them over the upright triangles with two flaps on either side to form a roof.