How to Make Dog Agility Tunnel

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Agility is a popular canine sport developed in England in the 1970's. Since the first trial at Crufts, the sport of agility has spread around the globe. Agility requires the dog to navigate a course of obstacles, jumps and tunnels on his way to the finish line. Agility equipment can be expensive, but you can construct simple objects such as a crawl tunnel at home for a fraction of the cost.


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Items You'll Need:
• 55-gallon barrel
• Hose
• Power saw
• 15 feet long parachute fabric, 10 feet wide
• Sewing machine
• Rivet gun
• Rivets
• 2 empty gallon jugs
• Sand
• Bungee cord

Step 1 - Cut both ends off a 55-gallon barrel with your power saw. The barrel will serve as the opening for the tunnel and will help keep the chute open as dogs navigate the obstacle. Rinse the barrel with a hose to remove any harmful residue.


Step 2 - Fold the parachute fabric in half lengthwise and sew the ends together to form a long tube. Turn the fabric inside out to keep the stitches from being exposed to the elements.

Step 3 - Set the barrel on end and slide 6 inches of the parachute tube over the open end. Use the rivet gun to attach the fabric to the barrel, inserting a rivet every 4 inches around the circumference of the barrel to hold the fabric in place.


Step 4 - Turn the barrel on its side and move it to the training area. Extend the tube straight out behind the barrel to keep the dogs from getting tangled up while navigating the obstacle.

Step 5 - Fill each of the empty jugs with sand and place one on either side of the barrel. Run a bungee cord over the top, hooking one end to each jug handle. The jugs serve as weights to hold your newly-constructed crawl tunnel tube in place.


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