Little Sausage Transforms 95-Year-Old With Alzheimer’s Whenever They Play

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There's nothing sweeter than seeing the right support pup paired up with a most deserving person.

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Such was the case with Orla, a 9-month-old daschund. Twice a week, Orla comes over for a playdate with 95-year-old Winifred Lowe, a grandmother who lives with Alzheimer's.

As her grandson Richard Worthington told Buzzfeed UK, Orla's visits really brighten up his grandmother's days. "She has good days and bad days," he explained. On a bad day "She can get very confused and upset, and sometimes angry. But when Orla comed over, Winifred "constantly smiling and playing and doesn't worry about not remembering things."


In February, Richard posted the straight-up sweetest photo collage of Orla and his Nan cuddling, kissing, and playing, and in the last couple of weeks this life-affirming tweet has gotten a lot of shares because, well, just look at it.

We love Winifred and Orla together and are so glad the two get their bi-weekly playdates. This story is a wonderful reminder to us all about the power a sweet, cuddly support pup can have to make a super-positive impact on a person's life

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