24 Lovable Dogs Who Are Amazing Babysitters

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Dogs and kids were pretty much made for each other. Little humans and our canine companions seem to be on a wavelength that the rest of the world often doesn't tune into.

And that's why they can make such adorable babysitters.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

To be fair, leaving your child home alone with only a dog to watch over them isn't exactly smart or safe. But if you're around and they're supervised (in case of an emergency), these two critters can get the biggest kick out of each other. And here is some delightful evidence to prove it.

1. It's hard to tell who's entertaining whom.

2. When you're not even mad that the babysitter naps with the kiddos.

3. Teaching a baby that mouths are for kisses.

4. A doggie monitor is way better than a baby monitor.

5. Strollin' with the homies.

Returning the favor because teamwork makes the dream work, amirite?

6. "Look, little one! This is how you crawl!"

7. "I was told to keep an eye on him, not to discipline."

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8. Feet kisses!

9. "I'll just show you how to play with this real quick."

10. Both babysitters and bodyguards.

11. When your baby looks cold but your dog's got your back.

12. Stoic faces on a celebratory day.

13. "Let me just take a little break from this ball to remind you that I love you."

14. "You think you're low? Look how low I can get!"

15. "I'll make your hair look perfect for this picture."

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16. "I saw mommy doing this so I should do it, too."

17. "No blanket? I'll just keep you warm myself."

18. Both dogs and kids love toys and each other, so it's really a perfect match.

19. The most adorable crawl chase ever.

20. This sweet pup is even willing to play dress up.

21. "Yes, I know it's automated, but I just prefer to do it myself, okay?"

22. Your babysitter never would have greeted you with so much enthusiasm.

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23. Jett offering support and quality control advice while baby girl makes pretend soup!

24. Some pups are even willing to have the caretaker roles reversed.