These 8 Dog Pimple Popping Videos Are Disgusting & Fascinating

The internet is a vast and pointless place, as most of us know by now. To that end, I present to you: dog pimple popping videos.

Yes, you read that right, unfortunately. We all know that human pimple popping videos are a thing, but don't worry, our canine friends have not been left out of this disgusting phenomenon. Just like humans, dogs get acne, and usually right before the big dog prom where everyone will be watching them.

A major disclaimer: Do not try this at home, people. If your dog has a pimple or other blemish, always see a vet instead of trying to diagnose - or pop - the blemish yourself.

That said, here's a roundup of the most satisfying (if you're into pimple popping) dog pimple videos the internet has to offer.

Satisfying or disgusting? You decide.


Why... why is it so big?

A tour de force of dog pimple popping.

Oddly satisfying.

A little different. Still satisfying.

Too big.

Ok, that's enough.