26 Tiny Cats Sitting In Tiny Boxes

Just when we think we've seen every hilarious thing a cat can do on social media, a new hilarious cat internet trope pops up. The only things we can be sure of in life are death, taxes, and cats being side-splittingly funny on the interwebs.

Today's hilarious internet cat trope is (drumroll please) CATS SITTING IN BOXES.

1.Got a box? We got a cat who wants to sit in it.

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2. They'll cram themselves into shoeboxes.

3. Beer boxes.

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4. Scrabble boxes.

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5. Sunkist boxes.

6. Cereal boxes.

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7. Even Cuties boxes.

8. Omigosh, our favorite subgenre of "Cat in a box" may very well be "Cat in an oranges box."

9. A tiny box is a perfect size for a tiny cat.

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10. But it's also nice to have some room to stretch out.

11. Some cats prefer their boxes with a lid that's JUST the right size for hiding under.

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12. And some like to pop out like they're a present you just unwrapped!

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13. Some prefer to use the side of the box as the bottom. It's your box, cat, you do you!

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14. And some cats would prefer you, their human servant, to use the power of your opposable thumbs to grab a pair of scissors and cut out a custom window.

15. Some cats prefer a little company in their box.

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16. Or if you could just leave the packing materials in there, that would be great, too!

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17. Make sure to have at least one box per cat, just in case your fur babies don't feel like sharing.

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18. The more boxes/cats, the merrier!

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19. But real talk, as long as you remember the box, you'll have a happy kitty.


21. Like, the HAPPIEST.

22. And it's not just the cats who are happy. We, the Cat-Obsessed Internet have also reached Peak Cat Internet Happiness.

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24. Aaaaaahhhhh!!

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Do you have a cat who loves boxes? Of course, you do. Share a photo with us in the comments section!