26 Tiny Cats Sitting In Tiny Boxes

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Just when we think we've seen every hilarious thing a cat can do on social media, a new hilarious cat internet trope pops up. The only things we can be sure of in life are death, taxes, and cats being side-splittingly funny on the interwebs.

Today's hilarious internet cat trope is (drumroll please) CATS SITTING IN BOXES.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1.Got a box? We got a cat who wants to sit in it.

2. They'll cram themselves into shoeboxes.

3. Beer boxes.

4. Scrabble boxes.

5. Sunkist boxes.

6. Cereal boxes.

7. Even Cuties boxes.

8. Omigosh, our favorite subgenre of "Cat in a box" may very well be "Cat in an oranges box."

9. A tiny box is a perfect size for a tiny cat.

10. But it's also nice to have some room to stretch out.

11. Some cats prefer their boxes with a lid that's JUST the right size for hiding under.

12. And some like to pop out like they're a present you just unwrapped!

13. Some prefer to use the side of the box as the bottom. It's your box, cat, you do you!

14. And some cats would prefer you, their human servant, to use the power of your opposable thumbs to grab a pair of scissors and cut out a custom window.

15. Some cats prefer a little company in their box.

16. Or if you could just leave the packing materials in there, that would be great, too!

17. Make sure to have at least one box per cat, just in case your fur babies don't feel like sharing.

18. The more boxes/cats, the merrier!

19. But real talk, as long as you remember the box, you'll have a happy kitty.


21. Like, the HAPPIEST.

22. And it's not just the cats who are happy. We, the Cat-Obsessed Internet have also reached Peak Cat Internet Happiness.


24. Aaaaaahhhhh!!



Do you have a cat who loves boxes? Of course, you do. Share a photo with us in the comments section!


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