People Train Cats To Ring Bells For Food, Immediately Regret It

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Because you can't spell feline overlords without LOL: Cats in Japan have learned to ring a bell for treats, and its got folks on the internet shook.


Video of the Day

At the center of the curious clip — which puts a fresh twist on Pavlov's dog, only here the cats are conditioned to train humans — are Kisrita (striped tabby, left) and Velvet (black and white, right), a pair of bonded kitties living what is obviously their very best life.


According to Rocket News 24, Kisrita actually taught Velvet this behavior, which means humanity is basically doomed. (DOOMED, I TELL YA.)

The adorable — disturbing? terrifying? — video first surfaced in the tweet below, which is associated with Neko Navi, a Japanese website that traffics in all things cats. (Press play to watch.)

On account of its mind-blowing footage, the post surged to the top on the microblogging platform almost immediately. And 165,000+ retweets (and another 240,000+ "Likes") later, it has since crossed over to web trend aggregators like Digg, Boing Boing, The Daily Dot, and a gaggle of others.


For our part, the money moment comes at the :25 second mark when an impatient Kisrita abandons his own bell in favor of Velvet's.

"All your bells are belong to us..."

Will life on Earth ever be the same again?