Puppy Is Revealed By Proud Dad In Epic Announcement Parody

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Gone are the days when you could just snap a couple of basic pictures of your new puppo and thread 'em on Facebook.


No, to move the needle on social media in 2017, you need a special video reveal of your doggy BFF and life partner.

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That's what inspired Andy Camera to create an epic parody of The Lion King's most iconic scene — when Mufasa presents Simba before a gallery of animals assembled below.


The star of Camera's clip: His 8-week-old golden doodle (golden retriever x poodle = dead by cuteness), Charlie, whom he adopted last weekend.

Clocking in at one minute, the short's production values look professional and time-consuming, but according to the Melbourne man all it took was $20 of green fabric, his smartphone, a bit of Google sleuthing, and a willingness to apply new editing skills gleaned from YouTube tutorials.


In an interview with BuzzFeed News, he explained how he executed on a concept that had been "kicking" around his head for awhile.

"I hung up the green screen in there [as] Charlie was napping ... We filmed the takes using only my iPhone camera, I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on how to do chroma-keying to get the green screen removed, and Bob's your uncle!"


After Camera posted it to Instagram along with the caption "Hello world, I'm here!", the spoof starting trending on the viral web. Press play to watch it below!

Folks on Twitter were particularly enamored with Camera's work.

"A lotta terrible news in the world right now you guys, so let this magic be the little ray of sunshine in your day," wrote Josh Butler, an editor at Huff Post.

"This is so good," opined another Australian-based member of the media.

Some people were so smitten they volunteered to babysit ...

... while others graded the new woofer in a faux, dog_rates fashion: "it is v important that you see this puppers announcement. 12/10 creative af"


The buzz around Charlie grew so intense that CNN even picked up the story.

For more of Charlie, follow his standalone Instagram account, which has quickly attracted several thousand followers.

As the loop below reveals, it's plenty adorbs!

Excellent work Andy and Charlie, keep it up!

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