The Best Tweets from National Cat Lady Day

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Another week brings another hashtag holiday.

Coined by Susan Michals, the creator of CatCon, #NationalCatLadyDay is a celebration of all things feline —and the women who adore them.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

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And judging by the number of "relatable," "same," and "living my best life since" reactions on my cute-adjacent Twitter timeline yesterday, #NationalCatLadyDay was a smashing success.

The festivities were framed with a simple call to action:


"Happy National CatLady Day! Celebrate with #CatCon by posting a pic of you with your kitty using the hashtag #NationalCatLadyDay," wrote CatCon's official account.

What followed was a cascade of updates from a spectrum of Cat Twitter™ constituents, each proudly self-identifying as a cat lady (both crazy and sane) or shining the spotlight on those that are.


From influencers like Cole & Marmalade ...

... to brands like Meowington's ("All cat everything") ...

... stakeholders in the online cat community ...

... were there to reaffirm the living sh*t out of one another.

As is generally the case with viral hashtags, jokes were turned, GIFs deployed, and photos shared.

Cherished mems and LOLCAT-caliber memes? Yeah, it had some of them too.

"Happy #nationalcatladyday, shout out to all pet moms out there working hard to put kibble on the table," quipped this women.

"I hear it’s #NationalCatLadyDay I think I qualify. 😂🤣😂," remarked a second who was surrounded by a gaggle of her fur kids.

Doggo "not impressed," wryly observed another.

Others, like this contributor, saw an opening to rock headwear goals.

(Sound the Underrated Tweet Alarm, because we have a an Underrated Tweet to share ⬇️⬇️⬇️.)

Included in the content stream, were obligatory, nay, iconic, pop culture references ...

... throwback snaps ...

... selfies ...

... adorable vids ...

... topical cartoons ...

... those wacky photo filters everyone loves so much now ...

... and the internet's favorite type of cat: a massive, oh-lawd-he-comin' absolute unit of a chonk.

With contributions from as far afield as Thailand, the hashtag took on a global quality. Cats ~really~ are the tie that bind, you see.

Now in its third year, #NationalCatLadyDay has seemingly established itself as a fixture of the cat and cuteness calendars.


What will Year 4 hold? You'll have to log into Twitter on April 19, 2020 to find out!

Did we miss your favorite #NationalCatLadyDay tweet? Share it with us in the comments below! And join us at CatCon 2019!


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