Video Of Blind Dog Trying To Make Friends Will Give You Tears

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Walter is a blind Borzoi dog with the world's most optimistic attitude. Despite the fact that he was diagnosed at a very young age with congenital cataracts, he still lives an extremely happy and full life.

In fact, because he can't always see very well, sometimes Walter has more fun than anyone else when it comes to making friends. Like when he recently went to the dog park and hopped around with some playmates. For Walter, he continued to play with his new park friends despite the fact that they had already moved on.

Video of the Day

The video, which was shared on Reddit, made Walter an internet sensation. People loved the enthusiasm he continued to show on his own, playing with some imaginary dogs he felt around him.


And if you feel sorry for the happy pup, there's no need. The original poster, HopeSandoval, made it clear in a follow-up comment that he has plenty of real life friends. And his _paw_sonal Instagram page reflects his blissful, buddy-filled life.

Walter hangs with all sorts of four-legged friends.

And, despite the fact that he can't see, Walter still greets the politely and plays with anyone who comes around.

Even though he may not always know where they are at the dog park, he still plays a mean game of chase with his fellow canine companions.

And, if a dog is willing to stick around so Walter can smell and feel him, he can even engage in some world class growling and wrestling play.

At some point in all of our lives — human or canine — we have all found ourselves standing out in a crowd like Walter.

That's the most beautiful thing about dogs. They remind us that no matter what your physical condition, life is meant to be fun and full of play.

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