Doggie DIY Projects To Totally Spoil Your Pooch

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There's nothing quite as fun as a trip to the pet store. We all love wandering the aisles and finding cute new ways to spoil our perfect pups. Fancy new gifts are great, but nothing beats a gift that really comes from the heart. And what better way than to put some love into a present than by making it yourself?


Whether you're in need of a new leash, new toys, or a fabulous new bed, we've got your dog covered with this list of our favorite doggie DIY projects.

Diva-up an old end table by transforming it into a doggie princess palace.

We all want to treat our pups like princesses, but you can really go the extra mile and make your dog a frilly, pink palace. Using our DIY princess palace tutorial, turn an old end table (or an inexpensive IKEA end table) into a literal dog throne. Seriously, ours even has a crown on it. With some bright paint, a little tulle, and some cozy cushions, your dog will totally feel like the princess she is.


Turn your old t-shirts into rope toys.

Dogs love toys, but even more, they love to destroy toys. If you're tired of buying a brand new adorable plaything, only to watch your pup immediately destroy it, try a little upcycling by turning something old into something new. This simple tutorial will teach you how to turn your old t-shirts into a rope toy that your pup will love. Plus, you can customize the size, so it fits your pup just right. And as a bonus, these toys are machine washable. So even if they get a little gross from all that chewing, you're just a spin cycle away from a fresh toy.


Transform an old vintage suitcase by turning it into a dog bed.

While your dog's bed might be cozy, chances are that it isn't quite the feature piece you wish it was. But with a little DIY magic, you can make your pup's bed the vintage-inspired decoration you've dreamed of, while keeping it just as snuggly for your furry friend. Check out this tutorial for a simple way to turn an old or vintage suitcase into a totally sweet doggie bed. Believe us, both you and your pooch will feel more stylish once you're done.


Weave a macrame dog leash.

Does your boring old dog leash not excite you anymore? Or maybe you need a backup? Instead of buying the same old leash, why not weave one yourself? If you remember making macrame bracelets in grade school, well this leash is the same concept. With this simple DIY, you can weave a stunning leash that will look like some of the fanciest rope leashes out there. But yours will be totally unique.

Turn that old tote bag into a stylish carrier.

Let's face it, we all love tote bags. But we also probably have too many. However, you can totally justify your overflowing purse closet by turning one of those totes into a totally chic dog carrier for your small dog. So many dog carriers out there aren't exactly stylish, even though the shape looks similar to the average tote. But this very easy tutorial will teach you to marry form and function, so you'll have a paparazzi-worthy pooch. Plus, the inside liner is removable, so it's super easy to wash.


Totally revamp your dog's collar with just a little fabric and blue.

Collars serve a very important function for our dogs. They usually feature their tags with their name and our contact info. But that doesn't mean they can't also be stylish. However, maybe you don't always want to be changing out your dog's collar. Instead, use our DIY tutorial to create pieces that slide on and off your collar, so you can mix up your dog's look without totally changing its collar. You can create a bandana look, a more decorative collar, and even a totally sweet bowtie. Your dog will soon be the most stylish pup on the block.


Mix your own rosemary-scented dog shampoo mix.

Let's face it – Fido needs a bath. And if you're the kind of pet parent that needs to make sure your pup gets only the most natural ingredients, the best way to ensure that is to make your doggie shampoo yourself. Our DIY doggie shampoo uses a blend of totally natural ingredients that will keep your pup clean and happy. Plus, it adds the scents of rosemary and lavender, so your dog smells as good as it looks.

Jazz up your poop bag holder with nail polish marbling.

Who says your poop pick-up system can't be fabulous? If you're tired of looking at that plain poop bag holder you've always had, we have the perfect tutorial for you. Create a stunning marbling effect on your poop bag holder with just a little nail polish. Once you're done, you'll be the envy of all the other pet parents at the dog park.


Keep your pup preoccupied with this puzzle feeder.

Some dogs eat way too fast, and they need help from us to slow them down. While you could invest in a bowl or feeder specifically designed to make your dog eat slower, why not just make one? This fun puzzle feeder DIY will keep your dog engaged, plus it will slow them down while they eat. And the supplies are so cheap and easy-to-find, even if your dog chews on it or otherwise destroys it, you can fix it super easily.

Save your dog after they step in something icky with this paw washer.

You never know what kind of gross (and often sticky) substance might be hanging out on the sidewalk or pavement. And while you're lucky enough to have shoes as a barrier, your pup usually isn't so lucky. If you like to go on long walks, or your dog tends to get into all the grimy stuff, it helps to have a simple system to clean off their paws when they do get all dirty. You can make this DIY paw washer all from stuff you can find around the house. So the next time your doggie steps in do-do, you can get it off quickly.

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