Cat Wanders Into A Police Station To Take Selfies & Find A New Home

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When you're a cop in the line of duty, things can get a little hair-bally at times. At least that's what the Columbia Police Department in South Carolina discovered when a stray cat wandered into their department.


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The adorable incident happened last Thursday when a friendly black-and-white kitty casually meandered into the station. Though most people come in with some sort of law-based agenda, this feline seemed to just want to go around and get pets. He quickly stole the hearts of the officers, who happily allowed him to get away with the thievery.


The officers nicknamed him Kingsley, presumably because he had the strut of a natural-born ruler. And he was more than happy to take some time to pose for purr-fect pictures with his police officer subjects.

Since much of their job is getting to the bottom of mysteries, the police did their due diligence and took the cat to the vet. After, of course, snapping some sweet selfies that came out just meow-velous.

Kingsley didn't have a microchip, according to Love Meow, but they couldn't just put him back on the streets to fend for himself. Instead, one of the officers swore to protect and serve him by giving him a fur-ever home. Brandon Montgomery, the lucky officer who voluntarily subjugated himself to Kingsley's gentle rule, is loving how the affectionate cat fits into his family.


Kinglsey's tale just goes to show that even members of the animal kingdom can count on police officer to help them out.

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