These Unbelievable GIFs Will Remind You Pandas Are As Clumsy As They Are Cute

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Gather round ye fellow cute spotters for today we have been blessed by the content gods with true Internet Gold™.


This most marvelous of gifts comes to us in video form from the Toronto Zoo, which is home to four giant pandas: two adults (Er Shun and Da Mao) and two cubs (Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue), Canada's first.

The pandas, you see, are majestic floofs. But their beauty is not always a graceful one.

giphy embed

No, like so many of us, pandas are hopelessly clumsy, a trait that didn't go unnoticed by the zookeepers, who have compiled the creatures' many physical foibles into one action-packed clip.

And, as you'll see, this awkwardness manifests itself in a multitude of forms.


Like tripping over one another ...

... and rolling off stuff. (Relatable AF, amirite?)

Some of the owns are self-owns ...

... while others can be attributed to playful scraps.

They slip lazily out of trees ...

... and stumble face-first into boxes.

And it's never, ever not this-is-fine-meme grade hilarious.

Lest you think we're only here to poke fun at these portly pandas or that their gross ineptitude explains why the species is endangered, the zoo reports that such behavior is actually baked into their developmental process:


"In 2003, scientists from Zoo Atlanta, Chengdu, and the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding published a study that described trends in the behavior of giant panda cubs. Among other findings, this study confirmed that falling was a normal and expected part of the play of the giant panda cubs being reared by their mother. The researchers suggested that the natural play experiences of growing cubs with their mothers and siblings may significantly contribute to the panda cubs' development into reproductively successful adults."

But enough with the GIF-sized teasers.


This is something best enjoyed in its original sizzle reel, supercut form — watch it below and with volume on, because the classical score accompanying it is a truly inspired choice!

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