Zoo Animals Smashing Pumpkins Is Even More Fun Than It Sound

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The St. Louis Zoo celebrates Halloween with its animals in the most fun way. Every year, they hide treats in carved pumpkins for their animal friends to find.


Video of the Day

The treats are hidden in the pumpkins so that the animals can easily access them with just a little finagling. Each animal reacts differently to the pumpkin puzzle placed in front of them.

This year, the intelligent primates were able to pretty quickly figure out the game.

And some even discovered helpful life hacks to get all the treats out at once.

Others even carried their findings to all sorts of different areas of their habitat, presumably to decorate for the season.

Meanwhile, in other habitats, the capybara casually enjoyed its pumpkin treat.

And, much like in "The Lion King", the hyenas played with their food a bit before eating it.

The pumpkin treats weren't just for land animals. The sea lions swam amongst pumpkin glory in honor of the Halloween holiday.

The zoo has documented all sorts of its animal pumpkin encounters over the years. Though the polar bears are famous for Christmas and Coca-Cola, this one seemed to enjoy delving into the Halloween spirit.


And last year, the Tasmanian devils put on quite a show as they snagged their pumpkin treats.

The zoo promises that more animals will be getting pumpkin feedings throughout the day according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. That means that soon we'll have even more delightful pumpkin videos on their YouTube page to gorge ourselves on.