Here Are Some Photos Of A Dog & Cat Who Love Camping To Make Your Day Better

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We love to see animals become friends. We love when they cuddle together. We love when they play together. But get ready for the glory of two animals traveling together.


Meet Henry the dog and Baloo the cat. They are best friends and perpetual travel buddies.

Their owners, Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend, are avid hikers who love taking their pets along on their adventures. They've been taking Henry on hikes since 2014 and recently decided to adopt a cat to add to the family. Luckily, Henry and Baloo are best friends and love their humans' adventures.

Video of the Day

They cuddle together in sleeping bags.

Take in the sights together.

They hydrate together.

They take majestic photos in scenic places.

They even travel on Halloween β€” in costume, of course.

They even have a signature pose, as best friends do.